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Rex L. Mahnensmith, M.D., is recognized by Continental Who's Who

SIMSBURY, Conn., Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Rex L. Mahnensmith, M.D., is recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in the field of Healthcare in recognition of his roles as Internal Medicine Physician, Nephrologist, and Clinical Educator with the Yale Medical Group in New Haven, CT through 2014 and the StayWell Health Center through 2017. 

Though Dr. Mahnensmith has formally retired from these institutions, he has elected to remain active in Healthcare serving persons of all ages via Telemedicine, wherein he provides Acute Urgent Care daily to individuals via On-Call Means from his home. He loves this service and notes that utilization of Telemedicine means of care is rapidly growing and is proving efficient and beneficial.

Born in Indiana, Rex Mahnensmith grew up in the small, rural town of Bluffton on the banks of the Wabash River.  With a love for baseball and basketball, Mahnensmith was determined to go to college where he could continue playing basketball while preparing to become a teacher. However, in his later high school years, a serious athletic injury interceded, disenabling him to walk for 3 months.  Reflecting on these life changing events, he then decided he would become a physician and provide care to others like he received from his small town doctors. 

Throughout the course of his education and training, Dr. Mahnensmith attended Denison University in Ohio, where he majored in Biology while completing required pre-medical studies. He was selected into the Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society as a junior student and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1973.  He received a scholarship to Yale School of Medicine and graduated Cum Laude in 1977.  He was singularly recognized as the recipient of Yale's Berniker Award, an award presented at graduation ceremonies to the individual most exemplary of the Oath of Hippocrates and Prayer of Maimonides. 

During his residency in Internal Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT, Dr. Mahnensmith was recognized with The Kushlan Award, a recognition awarded by the Yale Internal Medicine Faculty as the resident who exhibited the best bedside manner and devotion to the care of patients. He was selected to serve as Chief Resident which tracked him into a teaching career. 

From 1984 through 2014, Dr. Mahnensmith served as Clinician-Educator at Duke Medical Center, Brown University Program in Medicine, and finally back at Yale, where he rose to the rank of Full Professor of Internal Medicine and Clinical Director of Nephrology. In each program, Dr. Mahnensmith was recognized as Teacher of the Year, Model Physician, and Exemplary Clinician-Educator.  Dr. Mahnensmith precepted and taught medical students, nursing students, physician-associate students, interns, residents, and advanced fellows in various settings: bedside, various seminars, formal classroom settings, and in Yale's Master's Program. He states that he thoroughly enjoyed clinical teaching where he not only helped students and medical residents grow in medical knowledge that he knew would be put to use in the care of many, many people, but where he took extra time with each student and resident to inculcate into them a strong sense of "vocation" - what he calls "calling." Serving as a physician, he says, requires enduring dedication, compassion, and heart-felt concern for each and every person who comes with needs. It is a humble privilege and a servant-role, he taught and modeled.

Educating has been a major passion and special commitment for Dr. Mahnensmith, but Dr. Mahnensmith also loves and has poured his heart and soul into primary patient care, consultant care, family crisis interventions, and the education of career-nurses in various settings, particularly Dialysis Clinic settings and Home Dialysis Programs. For years, he provided Medical Directorship for two free-standing community dialysis clinics in New Haven and Branford, Connecticut.  In these roles, Dr. Mahnensmith led safe practices, directed quality improvement activities, and implemented many original patient-care-oriented Clinical Pathways for special clinical problems prevalent in the dialysis setting:  Blood Pressure Care, Infection Control, Anemia Management, Nutritional Optimization, Bone Health Maintenance, and ensuring the Adequacy of Delivered Dialysis. These Clinical Pathways received national recognition and were adopted and implemented by two national dialysis corporations.

With over three decades of clinical experience, Dr. Mahnensmith continues to serve as an internist specializing in primary care with special focus in the care of patients with asthma, diabetes, hypertension, nephrolithiasis, kidney diseases and associated chronic disabilities. He has a special attraction to the care of the elderly and to the care of the underserved and underinsured. After retiring from Yale as Internal Medicine and Nephrology Physician Educator for 30 years, he transitioned to serving patients daily first as a Primary Care Internist with 3 Nursing Homes in Northern Connecticut, where he and his wife had relocated to live right next to their grandchildren, then at the StayWell Community Healthcare Center in Waterbury, CT. He has cherished this new chapter of clinical service, where he states he has been able to take time to provide holistic primary care of many individuals who have complex and disabling burdens of illness, and who are not able to receive the holistic care they require because of their station in life.

Dr. Mahnensmith attributes his career-successes to caring educators, the enduring love of his wife and family, and abiding relationships with his patients, who brought their concerns freely to him and stayed with him for care over years and years.  These relationships have been nurturing and memorable.  Living year by year with many, many patients, Dr. Mahnensmith discerned what helped, and what did not help so much. This natural feedback provided the growing foundation for more effective and more compassionate care.

When not providing direct care to patients, Dr. Mahnensmith enjoys Bible study, community worship, gardening and taking walks or bike rides with his wife, spending time with his adult children and grandchildren as well as playing with his dogs.

Learn more about Dr. Mahnensmith here: and be sure to read his upcoming publication in The Leading Physicians of the World.

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