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Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation Announced Today Grant of a U.S. Patent with Claims to Cannabinoid Formulations

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation, a global leader in the production of cannabinoids for use in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, and its wholly owned Irish subsidiary Teewinot Technologies, Ltd, announced today the grant of U.S. Patent No. 10/052,303 ("the '303 patent").  The '303 patent has broad claims to formulations comprising liquid aqueous liposome suspensions constituting one or more cannabinoids or cannabinoid analogs.

Dr. Richard Peet, Teewinot's Executive Vice President and co-inventor of Teewinot's biocatalytic processes for manufacture of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, cannabinoid pro-drugs, and analogs, stated that "with the grant of the '303 patent, Teewinot has now secured three U.S. patents covering cannabinoid formulations as well as numerous U.S. and foreign patents directed to biocatalytic production of cannabinoids.  Teewinot is the only company capable of producing large quantities of naturally-occurring cannabinoids that are only produced by the plant in small quantities such as CBCA and varin series of cannabinoids."

Charlie Brink, Teewinot's Chairman, stated "the announcement of the '303 patent, advances Teewinot's position as the leader in the cannabinoid biotechnology space that reflects our growing intellectual property portfolio spanning our biocatalytic processes with our formulation technology and extending our position as the world leader in the production of biosynthetic cannabinoid molecules.

Teewinot's technology platform enables cost-effective manufacturing and formulation of a large number of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, cannabinoid pro-drugs, and cannabinoid analogs.

About Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation

Teewinot Life Sciences, an international cannabinoid biotechnology company, has set out to revolutionize the cannabis market by becoming the leader in the use of patented biocatalytic and plant-based technologies that make the full spectrum of cannabinoids available in industrial quantities, in order to address therapeutic and wellness needs across all consumer sectors. With headquarters in Tampa Florida and subsidiaries Teewinot Technologies, Ltd. in Ireland and Teewinot Laboratories, Inc. in Canada, The Teewinot Group's revolutionary technologies and intellectual property portfolio represent a breakthrough in creating safe and standardized cannabinoids.

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