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Giraffes' Convenient Dental Regimen Points Out the Importance of a Proactive Stance towards Oral Health, says Dr. Farzad Feiz

Giraffes' Convenient Dental Regimen Points Out the Importance of a Proactive Stance towards Oral Health, says Dr. Farzad Feiz The Los Angeles area dentist comments on a recent article that, while giraffes may benefit from the help of a free and well-motivated avian dental hygienist, we humans have to go out of our way to protect our teeth and gums.

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29, 2018

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- An August 13article on Daily Mail reports on the services rendered to East African giraffes by oxpeckers. These small birds actually live on the refuse they find on the surface of and in between the vastly larger mammals' teeth, as well as in their fur. Thus, the beloved gentle giants of the savannah are provided with de facto dental hygienists, even if it looks as if the giant herbivore was suddenly turning carnivorous. Southern California dentist Dr. Farzad Feiz says that this wilderness phenomenon is a fascinating example of how two species have a symbiotic existence that benefits both. He adds that, when it comes to our teeth, however, we humans have it a little harder.

The dentist behind both San Fernando Valley's Calabasas Dental Group and West LA's California Dental Care notes that humans have a number of dental disadvantages compared to a giraffe. Not only do giraffes benefit from free dental care, their teeth are only needed for a lifespan of about two and half decades compared to a possible century for Homo sapiens. Moreover, giraffes are not tempted by sugary drinks, candy, and other teeth-killing junk foods, adds the dentist. Of course, what humans have over other living creatures is the ability to protect and improve oral health via such time-tested inventions as toothbrushes, toothpastes with fluoride, dental floss, and the many different techniques and procedures available to an experienced and knowledgeable dentist, says Dr. Feiz.

The important thing, the dentist notes, is for human beings to use the intelligence and the manual dexterity that nature gave them to be proactive in terms of protecting their teeth. That means brushing teeth twice daily, flossing at least once each day, and visiting the dentist twice a year for regular teeth cleanings and exams. Moreover, says, Dr. Feiz, it's important to remember that not all dental clinics are created equal. It's crucial to look for a dentist that can truly be relied up to provide the thoughtful, sensitive care all patients need. Dr. Feiz adds that his office has been providing comprehensive care to families and individuals for years with results that consistently benefit people of all ages.

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