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Tinnitus 911 Announces Their Support for Afghan Cricketer National Team Player's New Charity to Help Orphans in Afghanistan

Tinnitus 911 Announces Their Support for Afghan Cricketer National Team Player's New Charity to Help Orphans in Afghanistan Today, Tinnitus 911 announced their support for the Rashid Khan Foundation that will help provide water, medical care, and education to Afghan orphans. The foundation was recently started by AFGHAN cricketer national team player, Rashid Khan, who sees a need to help the children of the war-torn country.

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CENTENNIAL, Colo., Aug. 30, 2018

CENTENNIAL, Colo., Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Tinnitus 911 recently announced their support of the Rashid Khan Foundation, an organization aimed at providing health and education to impoverished and orphaned children in Afghanistan. Through the launch of their new website, Tinnitus 911 Orphan Awareness, Tinnitus 911 will support and raise awareness for orphans and orphanages worldwide. Their new website will support causes like the Rashid Khan Foundation, in the hopes of bringing awareness to the forgotten orphaned children of the world.

Tinnitus 911 announced, "Tinnitus 911 is committed to taking a stand for orphaned children. There are nearly 8 million children worldwide living in institutions, with little access to proper education and healthcare. We want to bring awareness to the organizations and causes that are helping to bridge the gap between the access these children need and the access they currently have. The Rashid Khan Foundation is doing just that. That is why it has become an important cause for us to support and share with the world."

On August 10, 2018, News 18 published an article titled, "Afghanistan's Rashid Khan Launches Charity Foundation for Children." The article revealed that Afghanistan's own Rashid Khan announced the creation of his charity organization that will help over 500 orphaned children across the country go to school. The organization will be called the Rashid Khan Foundation. A popular figure in Afghanistan, Khan has received much praise via his social media channels for his latest initiative.

Tinnitus 911 continued, "Rashid Khan is an AFGHAN National Team Player with over half a million followers on his Facebook page. With that kind of platform, he has the opportunity to make a real impact in bringing awareness to the forgotten children in his country. We also want the millions of people around the world who don't follow him to have access to the great work his foundation will do in their efforts to provide education to orphaned children. Our new website will truly serve as a platform for people to learn more about the orphan crisis and find ways that they can help and get involved."

Khan has announced his first mission will be to provide the orphaned children of Afghanistan will access to education. The Rashid Khan Foundation will then move on to support other humanitarian efforts, like clean drinking water and health facilities.

Tinnitus 911 concluded, "Millions of vulnerable children are living without parents around the world. By supporting organizations like the Rashid Khan Foundation and shedding light on their mission, we provide a chance for people worldwide to assist in efforts to provide forgotten children access to the opportunities they so often miss out on, like education and healthcare. Just as Khan believes in giving back to his local community, we believe in giving back to our community and our children worldwide."

Tinnitus 911 is part of the PhytAge Laboratories family. PhytAge Labs and Tinnitus 911 work to bring awareness to the challenges orphaned children face worldwide. The supplement manufacturer is approaching the launch of Tinnitus 911 Orphan Awareness, a website dedicated to bringing awareness to support efforts for the orphan crisis. The site will serve as a resource, allowing people to learn about orphans and orphanages worldwide and find opportunities to support various causes that impact orphans around the globe.

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