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Announcing the NaBITA Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams

BERWYN, Pa., Aug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NaBITA, the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association, is excited to announce the release of Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams, which serve to establish the first-ever industry standards for use by school practitioners to build and maintain campus CARE teams and BITs.

The standards aim to:

Ensure that BITs are guided by best practices that promote a safe, effective, and efficient means to deliver BIT services.

Enhance the quality of BIT services provided to the institution, students, faculty, and staff.

Advocate for students' rights so that they may be successful, have access to school services and resources, and be appropriately included in decision-making that affects their own health and well-being.

Encourage institutional and school wide participation in the development, refinement, and integration of best practices and standards for BIT services.

Establish a framework that fosters continual research, professional development, and practice that will further the profession for caring practitioners.

NaBITA has outlined 20 core standards for BITs, which are categorized as Structural, Process, or Quality Assurance and Assessment Elements.

The structural elements in Part 1 include components related to the team itself, including the mission, scope, description, type, name, membership, meeting frequency, procedural manuals, and budget.

Part 2 outlines the functions of the team including objective risk rubrics, interventions, marketing, record keeping, training for team members, and risk assessments.

Part 3 provides standards for quality assurance and assessment through the use supervision, end of semester and year reports, and a team audit to analyze the work of the team.

NaBITA, the only membership association for behavioral intervention teams, provides best practices guidance to develop the most efficacious and efficient approaches for addressing and preventing crisis events on campus. NaBITA has provided vital support to teams, starting with the introduction of the NaBITA Risk Rubric in 2007, certification trainings for Behavioral Intervention Teams that began in 2010, the publication of dozens of table top scenarios, a large-scale biennial survey of BITs from across the country, and the development of the Structured Interview for Violence Risk Assessment (SIVRA-35), and other risk assessments. NaBITA is now introducing professional standards for the field of behavioral intervention, as its next contribution to helping teams achieve consistency and excellence of practice.

Substantively, Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams is the only guidance of its kind in the field. This concise document is an indispensable tool for those working in behavioral intervention in both higher education and preK-12 communities.

Click here to download your free copy of the NaBITA Standards for Behavioral Intervention Teams.

About NaBITA

NaBITA's mission is committed to providing education, development, and support to school and workplace professionals who endeavor every day to make their campuses and workplaces safer through caring prevention, intervention, and management of identified and concerning behavior.

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Last Updated: 31-Aug-2018