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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Brokerage Services announces it has launched marketing for BioEclipse Therapeutics Inc.'s ("BioEclipse") "Revelis BioEclipse SPV, LLC", a Single Purpose Vehicle that will invest in convertible preferred stock of BioEclipse. 

BioEclipse is developing pathbreaking approaches to eradication of solid and liquid tumor cancers, using a proprietary multi-mechanistic immunotherapy. Preclinical studies indicate approximately a thousand-fold increase in cytotoxicity versus preclinical studies of FDA-approved immunotherapies--without evident side effects. 

Joe Ventresca, Managing Director of Investment Banking at, declared, "We're proud to be selected as Placement Agent in this important transaction. continues to bring to market highly innovative approaches in life sciences that hold great promise for human beings."

Oliver Hopkinson, Co-Founder of Revelis Capital Group, stated, "As founding venture capital investor in BioEclipse, and as Manager of the SPV, we'll enthusiastically join this funding to help initiate human clinical trials of the CRX-100 cancer therapy. We have full confidence in CEO and co-founder Pamela Contag Ph.D., a successful serial entrepreneur, and her talented team. We hope through our active efforts to turn the promise of BioEclipse into reality."

Dr. Contag commented: "CRX-100 is only one of many potentially effective combinations within our proprietary platform. Essentially, CRX-100 wraps a cancer-killing virus inside activated immune cells derived from the patient. In animal studies, we are seeing impressive cytotoxicity without measurable side effects. We also expect formation of a long-term cytotoxic response from the patient's active immune system, due to lysed cells expressing tumor-specific biomarkers."  She added, "Our first clinical trial target is ovarian cancer, where patient morbidity is high and therapeutic resistance common. All xenograft models show tumor killing and no observable toxicities, as to ovarian SKOV-3 and UCI 101, prostate and the rare cancers glioblastoma and neuroblastoma. Furthermore, CRX-100 demonstrated excellent tumor-killing capabilities and safety profile, with long-term immune protection from recurrence of the targeted tumor, in these immune-competent mouse models: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma OCI-Ly8 (B-cell), hepatocellular carcinoma, breast 4T1, lung metastatic 4T1-L, and colorectal MC-38."

BioEclipse Therapeutics Inc. is a venture-stage cancer immunotherapy company, with headquarters in South San Francisco. Brokerage Services, LLC is a fifty-state registered broker-dealer (Member: FINRA, SIPC) that specializes in private market equity and debt transactions using its proprietary general solicitation platform.  Revelis Capital Group, LLC is a family office-related investor in venture capital and private equity, with offices in Colorado.

For further information and risk disclosure (available exclusively to verified accredited investors under the 506(c) exemption), contact Joseph Ventresca,  

Disclosure: This release contains "forward-looking statements." There can be no assurance of their accuracy. For a full disclosure of risks, accredited investors should request the offering circular.

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