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Celling Biosciences Executes Exclusive License with RxBIO Corp. to Launch Proprietary Stem Cell Technology in Canada

AUSTIN, Texas and TORONTO and DUBLIN, Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Celling Bioscience (Celling), a US Based pioneer in autologous cell therapy technology, has signed an exclusive Agreement with RxBIO to launch its brand of products in Canada. Celling products are designed to collect, process and deliver autologous cells to the patient at the point of care to accelerate the body's natural healing process.   The Autologous Regenerative Therapies family of concentration systems recovers a high percentage of nucleated, progenitor and other cells by allowing selection of the cell concentrate from user-defined portions of a centrifuged stack. The proprietary system also features an integrated filter for the ultrafiltration of proteins from bone marrow or peripheral blood.

As more studies are published showing the increase in safety and efficacy of autologous cell therapy, physicians are appealing for access to more affordable preventative care solutions. The partnership will fulfil the growing demand in Canada for innovative stem cell technology. This will allow physicians to provide patients with new clinical approaches and treatment options to address the global demand for preventative and regenerative cell therapies.

"Canada is a growth market and Celling was looking for a strategic partner that could leverage marketing and distribution channels across Canada.  We believe RxBIO has the industry expertise, infrastructure and leadership and to launch Celling product on a large scale and meet the demands in the Canadian marketplace."  - Kevin Dunworth, CEO of Celling Biosciences

RxBIO is a biotech distribution company based out of Toronto and Dublin with a global infrastructure and distribution channels to bring solutions that innovate healthcare worldwide.  "Celling Biosciences is an industry advocate of cellular therapy with products backed by research and education. Their focus of preventative and regenerative medicine and the creation of cutting edge technology compliments the RxBIO strategy to bring products into the Canadian market.  We have taken our time to research the market and believe autologous cellular therapy is the future of medicine. As Canadians embrace personalized modern medicine, Celling's portfolio of products will allow physicians to provide alternative treatment options in the regenerative healthcare market." - Alfan Jetha, CEO of RxBIO Corp.

Celling Biosciences and RxBIO will introduce this advanced technology to leading Canadian physicians and academic institutions in the coming months.  The demographic of patients focused on wellness, fitness and longevity is rapidly growing in Canada, which complements the demand for cellular therapy. This population specifically focuses on preventative healthcare and minimally invasive procedures to avoid surgical intervention. Cell therapy has proven to be a long term cost-effective alternative to surgery with dramatic results in improving patient lifestyle.  Celling and RxBIO agree that these efforts today to introduce Celling Biosciences' technologies will only be the beginning of the evolution of healthcare in Canada.

RxBIO Corp. 

Alfan Jetha, CEO

Celling Biosciences

President:  Steve Melchiode

4719 South Congress

Austin, Tx 78745

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Last Updated: 31-Aug-2018