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Gateway Health Donates $26,500 to Transitional Paths to Independent Living for Housing Assistance and Job Training

WASHINGTON, Pa., Aug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to support access to affordable housing for Pennsylvania's citizens with disabilities, Gateway Health announced today a grant donation of $26,500 to Transitional Paths to Independent Living (TRPIL) in Washington, PA. TRPIL provides advocacy and support services to people with disabilities.  This grant will support the organization's goal: to eliminate barriers that people with disabilities experience, through ongoing advocacy and offering innovative programs and services to provide supports they need to live independently.

One of the biggest challenges for people with disabilities is the ability to find and maintain housing that accommodates their needs.  The lack of available accessible units makes finding housing difficult. For this reason, Centers for Independent Living (CILs) such as TRPIL, provide assistance in locating affordable, accessible housing.

"Affordable, accessible, integrated housing is the vital step to freedom for people living in nursing facilities or facing other housing challenges," said TRPIL Executive Director Kathleen Kleinmann, who presently serves on the Governor's Long-Term Care Council.

"People with disabilities are important members of our community. A disability can be experienced by anyone at any stage of his or her life, and can be a result of a sensory, neurological, physical, intellectual, cognitive or psychiatric impairment, or a combination of these. Some disabilities are hidden, while others may be visible," says Jessica Cromer, Vice President and Executive Director of HealthChoices, Gateway Health. "We are committed to giving people with disabilities the opportunity to achieve economic mobility and advancement by supporting TRPIL." 

Transitional Paths to Independent Living serves persons with disabilities in southwestern Pennsylvania and provides a full spectrum of support services including:

Advocacy – empowering people to negotiate and speak for themselves

Peer Support – connecting people with similar life experiences

Skills Training – imparting new skills and strengthening current skills

Information & Referral – connecting individuals to services and  needed information

Transition – supporting people through major life changes

With this grant donation, this partnership will  provide more concentrated basic housing assistance – assisting with identifying available housing options, rental applications, and how to communicate with landlords home modification – providing quality home modification services to persons with diverse disabilities to increase independence, and prevent hospitalization or nursing home entry by making homes more safe and accessible transportation services – providing wheelchair accessible transportation support

With a growing awareness of supporting individuals with disabilities, there is a greater need for full access to public and private facilities to ensure all members of the community are able to participate.

Gateway Health's donation will help TRPIL to improve access to housing for people with disabilities. TRPIL is one of three grant recipients of Gateway Health's Housing Support Focus.  Direct support strategies help to maintain a safe and supportive environment that fosters growth, and facilitates the development of independent skills. TRPIL's program is tailored to the needs and desires of each individual to increase their opportunities to live independently in the community.

"It really does take a village to raise awareness, compassion and collaboration among business, government and social services toward advancing the conversation around diversity and inclusion for all. Many of our own members who live in the community require additional assistance with getting the right resources, and tools to live an independent life," says Regina Vercilla, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, Gateway Health and chief organizer of the CIL grants.

About Transitional Paths to Independent Living

Serving southwestern Pennsylvania since 1990, TRPIL is a membership Center for Independent Living owned and operated by people with disabilities. TRPIL brings together individuals who face common barriers. Their programs provide peer support, home care and nursing home transition, youth programs, advocacy, and information on equal access, assistive technology, education, employment, housing, and transportation. More information about Transitional Paths to Independent Living is available at

About Gateway Health 

Gateway Health is a nationally-ranked managed care organization that focuses on providing the best possible healthcare to a growing number of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage consumers. A not-for-profit organization, Gateway Health serves the needs of at risk and vulnerable citizens with not only healthcare coverage, but services such as disease management, health and wellness programs and preventive care. The organization provides Medicaid services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia and Arkansas, and Medicare coverage in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. Our commitment to helping our members and their communities get and stay healthy is what keeps members, providers, communities and partners "Good with Gateway." To learn more about Gateway Health, visit us online at

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Last Updated: 31-Aug-2018