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THERMI® LAUNCHES ARVATI™, powered by Thermi®, with newest advances in True Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency Technology

THERMI® LAUNCHES ARVATI™, powered by Thermi®, with newest advances in True Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency Technology New platform with patented technology optimizes delivery of temperature-controlled monopolar radiofrequency using continuous wave technology with next-generation intelligent auto-modulation algorithms to maximize consistency and control

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IRVING, Texas, Sept. 4, 2018

IRVING, Texas, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Thermi®, an Almirall S.A. company, today announced the introduction of ARVATI™, its next-generation 510K FDA-cleared, true temperature-controlled radiofrequency platform with patented technology that powers a range of Thermi's unique and comprehensive procedures that is now commercially available in the United States. ARVATI delivers rapid, precise, and consistently controlled output of radiofrequency to tissue, thus inducing positive tissue change by stimulating collagen production to enhance various skin areas, including intimate tissue. The ARVATI platform is built upon increased power as well as optimized two-way real time temperature-controlled algorithms.

The new ARVATI platform includes the well-established treatment applications of ThermiTight®, ThermiRase®, ThermiSmooth® Face and ThermiVa®, used by clinicians to address common signs of aging, and/or weight loss, which may include fine lines, post-baby body, loose skin, and intimate tissue laxity.

ARVATI amplifies the science of heat with EPIC Technology™. With optimized radiofrequency delivery, ARVATI provides consistent dosage of heat while keeping clinicians in complete control throughout the treatment. The technology also features an enhanced 50-watt capacity generator, which maximizes the power to efficiently treat all body areas while helping clinicians reach desired set temperatures 63 percent faster, thereby significantly reducing total treatment times. Additionally, ARVATI includes intelligent software that offers real-time temperature monitoring with control algorithms that ensures a consistent temperature and radiofrequency dosage throughout the treatment with all the ARVATI modalities. Initial experience shows temperature stays within 1 degree of the set temperature 99.7% of the treatment time, setting a new benchmark in consistent temperature control.

"We are committed to providing clinicians with science-based advanced technology that helps achieve their desires for safe and effective non-invasive aesthetic and medical treatments that work quickly, effectively, and efficiently while producing long-lasting and natural results," said Thermi President Vlad Paul-Blanc. "As the pioneers of true temperature-controlled radiofrequency for medical and aesthetic needs, we are excited to offer ARVATI to clinicians and patients looking for proven and innovative ways to address a variety of challenges that result from photoaging and damaged skin."

In advance of launching ARVATI, the experts at Thermi worked closely with clinicians who evaluated the advancements in ARVATI's performance as it relates to the enhancements in temperature-controlled radiofrequency delivery, speed, reliability, and overall functionality. The clinicians' early, first-hand experience confirms that the ARVATI platform delivers consistently fast treatment times, with controlled delivery while maintaining consistent tissue temperature throughout each treatment. During the early evaluation, patients also found their treatments to be comfortable and fast, and registered high satisfaction overall post-procedure.

As part of the ARVATI launch, existing Thermi customers in the U.S. will be offered the opportunity to acquire the ARVATI platform at a significant discount, and ARVATI will become available in other markets around the world in the near-term.

A Few Words from Thermi Physicians About Their Initial ARVATI Experience:

"In my office, I use a variety of Thermi treatments to tighten and improve the appearance of skin all over the body including on the face and jawline, around the arms and abdomen and the vaginal area," said dermatologist Dr. Mitchel Goldman. "Safety and convenience are key considerations for my patients, and with ARVATI, they are thrilled with the results."

According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Okoro, "Thermi's new platform, ARVATI, is very versatile and allows me to treat many different conditions. It is by far the most used machine in my practice. Worth it! I love the machine!"

Dr. Leonard Miller, plastic surgeon and founder of Thermi's original temperature-controlled capability, stated, "The ARVATI platform - with advanced instrumentation and faster procedure time - makes it easier to do treatments accurately and I can now do larger areas more effectively."

"Three excellent modifications," said urogynecologist Dr. Jeffrey Dell, "1) Definitely faster rise in temperature; 2) I can see that I'm delivering more consistent and stable radiofrequency and 3) the speed has no negative impact to patient comfort."

We are pleased that there have been more than 20 customers in the U.S. who are the first in world to acquire the new ARVATI platform, including:

William Adams Jr, William P. Adams JR, MD Plastic Surgery, Dallas TX
Janet Allenby, Allenby Cosmetic Dermatology, Delray Beach FL
Constance Barone, Barone Plastic Surgery, San Antonio TX
John Bullis, A to Zen Regenerative Medicine, Bellevue WA
Elisa Burgess, Burgess Plastic Surgery, Portland OR
Michael Churukian, Beverly Hills CA
Robert Colgrove, Jr., Vinings Surgery Center, Atlanta GA
Jason Cooper, Cooper Plastic Surgery, Jupiter FL
Holly Cutler, Face Skincare, Medical, Wellness, Bingham Farms MI
Jeffrey Dell, Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine, Knoxville, TN
Barry DiBernardo, New Jersey Plastic Surgery, Montclair NJ
E. Ronald Finger, Finger and Associates, Savannah GA 
Mitchel Goldman, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego CA
Gerald Grubbs, RevitaLift Vitality Center of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL
Aaron Mayberry, Mayberry Plastic Surgery, Albuquerque NM
Emily McLaughlin, West Magnolia Plastic Surgery, Fort Worth, TX
Leonard Miller, Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation, Boston MA
Stanley Okoro, Georgia Plastic Surgery, Marietta GA
Cheri Ong, Ong Institute for Plastic Surgery, Scottsdale AZ
Paul Ruff, West End Plastic Surgery, Washington D.C.
Ned Snyder, Breast and Body Center of Austin, Austin TX
Kathleen Waldorf, Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery, Portland OR
Edward Zimmerman, Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, Las Vegas NV

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Thermi, an Almirall company, is a global leader in advanced temperature-controlled radiofrequency technology. Thermi systems offer versatile modalities and safely deliver rapid results through controlled heating using RF to impact positive tissue change and naturally stimulate collagen production. Clinicians use Thermi technology to help address common signs of aging and/or weight loss, which may include fine lines, post-baby body, cellulite, loose skin and intimate tissue laxity, and empower people to take control over their skin, body and intimate life.

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