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Interactive Potty Training Device, Whizz Bang, Uses Gamification to Inspire a Cleaner Bathroom

Interactive Potty Training Device, Whizz Bang, Uses Gamification to Inspire a Cleaner Bathroom The winning product on Make48, Whizz Bang features an LED bullseye target that helps children and adults avoid missing the toilet, inevitably shortening the duration of potty training and minimizing bathroom upkeep

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 5, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, Handy Camel introduces its interactive potty training and aiming device, Whizz Bang, on Indiegogo. Whizz Bang uses an LED bullseye target, which, when hit, triggers arcade sounds and music. The concept is simple: the more the "player" is on the target, the more the music plays.

"Whizz Bang contains an Infrared module consisting of a transmitter and receiver. Similar to radar, there is a transmitted signal and a return signal. The transmitted signal is focused within the narrow band of the target light, eliminating movement outside of the target area," said the manufacturer, Pivot International. "Along with the focused transmitted signal, software within the Whizz Bang unit interprets the return signal and filters out any reflections that do not have the same signature as a stream of urine or water."

The Whizz Bang device mounts to the toilet seat lid and projects an image-like bullseye on the surface of the water. Once a urine stream hits the target, the device rewards the user with a fun sound. The more the user is on target, the more reward sound they receive. The target resets each time and is ready for the next player. Whizz Bang is available in a variety of colors including purple, blue or green.

"Most potty training aiming devices are stick-on or very novelty. This product is full of technology, doesn't sit in the toilet or on the rim where it can get very dirty, and it looks great so your bathroom doesn't look like a toddler area. We are gamifying the potty training experience and bringing some fun into the male bathroom experience," said Amy Gray from Handy Camel.

Whizz Bang is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo starting at $19. For more information about the campaign or to pre order, visit

About Whizz Bang
Whizz Bang was invented by three fathers — Shaun Kibbe, Dustin Keiswetter and Neil Ward — who were tired of having a foul-smelling bathroom and cleaning up after their young children. As if raising six boys between the dads wasn't enough, the three were dedicated to seeking an innovative way to help parents avoid unnecessary clean-up of "pee" splatter. They designed this product to be fun, interactive and useful for all ages of boys and men. Whizz Bang was created and based upon a challenge the team was given on the television series Make48 where Whizz Bang became one of the winning products. For more information about Whizz Bang, visit

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