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Vladimir Benes and Ferris Jung of EMBL GeneCore Explain Why QC'ing NGS Library Prep Is Critical in Upcoming Webinar

Vladimir Benes and Ferris Jung of EMBL GeneCore Explain Why QC'ing NGS Library Prep Is Critical in Upcoming Webinar The September 26 Biocompare event will explain why QC is so important to successful sequencing and also describe instruments and workflows for assessing nucleic acid quality and quantity.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Assessing the quality and quantity of nucleic acids is critically important to successful next-generation sequencing (NGS). So it should come as no surprise that optimal sequencing performance requires careful preparation of NGS libraries with nucleic acids of sufficient quality. Expertly handling nucleic acids and properly assessing quality and quantity does not need to be as complicated as it sounds. Instruments and workflows exist to streamline and optimize the process, and they will be the focus of this upcoming Biocompare webinar.

The two speakers for the webinar, to be held on September 26 at 11am ET, are Vladimir Benes and Ferris Jung of EMBL's GeneCore facility.

Dr. Benes, head of GeneCore, founded the core facility in 2001 to assist researchers with functional genomics projects. Jung is a research technician who has extensive expertise in extracting, handling, and assessing nucleic acids.

The two EMBL scientists will kick off the webinar by discussing how they go about nucleic acid quality assessment during NGS library prep and how their optimized workflow has helped improve results generation. Data will also be presented that demonstrates how sample quality can impact NGS outcomes and why accurate quantification of nucleic acids is important.

To learn more about this free event or to register click here.

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