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Stressing About Finances? Financial Education Benefits Center May Be Able to Help

Stressing About Finances? Financial Education Benefits Center May Be Able to Help

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SAN RAMON, Calif., Sept. 7, 2018

SAN RAMON, Calif., Sept. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Stress is something that everyone has to deal with at one point or another. A little bit of stress here and there is fine, sometimes even good because it propels people forward. But too much stress can have long-term negative effects. Mitigating stress requires different approaches for each individual, but there are some stressors that are pretty universal. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a membership benefits company dedicated to providing relevant discounts, may be able to help members cut some stress out of their lives with its relevant discounts on some of life's select necessities.

"There's a solid line between being pushed forward by something and being pushed down by it. Some people thrive under pressure and others not so much. Everyone has a stress limit though," said Jennifer Martinez, manager at FEBC. Well over 75 percent of visits to doctors stem from stress-related problems. That number may seem high, but considering how often people talk to doctors about chronic headaches, high blood pressure and back pain, it starts to make some unfortunate sense. Wanting to be healthier when under stress means then getting rid of the stressor usually.

A lot of people get stressed out about things like finances such as affording groceries, doctors visits and pet care. The list goes on and the expenses just compound. With necessities, it's not realistic to cut them off of the list to better afford other needs. Buying cheaper versions of essentials can save money, but in some cases buying less-expensive items means sacrificing quality. Rather than giving up something, FEBC members can look forward to discounts on things such as groceries, select vision and hearing products and services, as well as financial education for the long road. "We at FEBC want to help our members achieve financial and physical wellness, so we do our best to offer relevant discounts to help out with members' everyday needs," said Martinez.

About Financial Education Benefits Center

Financial Education Benefits Center is located in San Ramon, California. The membership company has already helped thousands save money and obtain the necessary education required to live a financially healthy life.

Financial Education Benefits Center has partnered with several name brand third-party companies to expand the financial and educational products and services available to its members and to provide a variety of wellness services as well.

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Financial Education Benefits Center
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San Ramon, CA 94583

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