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Healthcare Data Protection Company, Comport, Discusses the Power of Cloud Backup for Hospitals

Healthcare Data Protection Company, Comport, Discusses the Power of Cloud Backup for Hospitals

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RAMSEY, N.J., Sept. 14, 2018

RAMSEY, N.J., Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of their commitment to helping medical providers protect themselves from the loss of important information, secure data protection provider, Comport, discusses the power of protection for hospitals.

Hospitals have become increasingly reliant on technology, and in many ways an increasingly online workspace has resulted in better outcomes for patient care. While digitized data is largely more secure than paper records, there is always the possibility that important information could be lost without adequate safeguards.

Listed below are several key reasons why data protection is important for hospitals.

Loss of Medical Records and Personal Information. The primary reason why data protection is so important for hospitals is that the organization is dealing with a lot of information that is incredibly sensitive, subject to compliance standards, and integral to patient care.

Medical records are crucial for treating patients and keeping a hospital running efficiently,  losing access to this data can be expensive and even cause serious illness or death. If any type of business needs top-notch data protection, it would be a hospital. Keeping medical records easily accessible and safe from data loss is reason enough to invest in reliable, secure backup solutions.

In addition to patient medical information, there is also a significant amount of personal data ranging from credit card information to contact information for thousands of people - all of which would be catastrophic to lose. Data protection with cloud backup and disaster recovery can also ensure that access to patient details never interrupted by any sort of disaster.

Damaged Reputation and Financial Implications. While losing medical records and personal information are a disaster in and of themselves, data that isn't protected opens the hospital to a host of other issues.

Medical information is incredibly sensitive, and any leak can be disastrous to a hospital's reputation. Financial issues can quickly crop up as a result of data loss as well, due either to a loss in efficiency or legal action from those that are negatively impacted. It's always in a hospital's best interest to ensure that their data is adequately protected to avoid damaging the organization's image and costly financial damages.

Data Protection Solutions. Fortunately, there are some data protection defenses that an experienced technology firm can put into place in order to ensure damaging data loss is never a concern. Fast and frequent backups of data can ensure that medical and personal information is quickly restored in the event of an emergency.

Improved IT infrastructures can also go a long way toward keeping data safe. Having an old environment that isn't well maintained can put data at risk. Adding a partner who can provide access to experienced technical professionals as part of the equation provides a valuable asset for any hospital system.

All three of these modifications to your data management strategy creates a trifecta to help keep any potential disasters at bay. A well-prepared hospital should be able to quickly recover from a disaster should a catastrophic event happen. Having data protections in place including redundancies, an up-to-date system, and a capable information technology team can significantly reduce the impact of such an unfortunate occurrence.

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