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Companies join forces to showcase how AI algorithms can progressively be adopted in study conduct, at DPharm 2018

Pioneering partners Cmed and Innovative Physics have combined forces to showcase The Real Time Medical Imaging Users Tool Kit®, which uses artificial intelligence to support secure, rapid diagnostics in clinical trials, at DPharm 2018.

Cmed, an innovative, technology-led clinical research organisation, has been working with global hi-tech company Innovative Physics which has a long history in the use and application of artificial intelligence in a variety of industries.

The companies have worked together to combine the use of pattern recognition, implemented through a statistical computational engine with Cmed’s unique clinical data suite encapsia® to support the rapid and accurate interpretation of lung CT scans.  Using the combined software and clinical data suite, the partners have been able to assess the CT scans of over 1,500 patients and locate and measure three dimensional nodules quickly - with the aim of supporting an improved speed and accuracy of interpretation. This approach could benefit the current lung cancer diagnostic process.

The findings mean that results can be identified rapidly and tracked over time to enable Investigators to make faster and more accurate interpretations, with the data immediately available to sponsors and medical monitors.

At DPharm, visitors to their stand will be able to see the demo for themselves and find out more about how this innovative approach can be applied to transform and modernise clinical diagnostics and how it can be used in clinical trials.

Chief Technology Officer for Cmed, Timothy Corbett-Clark, said: “Our next generation clinical data suite encapsia® has already inspired and driven real progress in clinical trials. Now, with the application of artificial intelligence through Innovative Physics’ unique software, operated with  encapsia® we look set to transform clinical trials.”

Mike Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Physics said: “While our clinical studies with Cmed have focused on lung cancer diagnostics, the application of artificial intelligence has endless possibilities in both trials and in clinical diagnosis and the potential to advance the precision and speed of the process.  We are already in talks for a similar approach around prostate cancer and would be keen to meet and share more about our unique approach with visitors to DPharm.”

Cmed and Innovative Physics can be found at booth #44 at DPharm 2018, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA between September 25-26th 2018.




Notes to editors:

  1. Now in its 8th year, DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials is a conference dedicated to all things digital, data science, patient data ownership and new approaches to optimise clinical operation systems
  2. Cmed is an innovative, full service, technology-led CRO, bringing together a team of experienced people and its own innovative technology to inspire and drive real progress throughout the clinical trial process. Cmed’s next generation Clinical Data Suite, encapsia®, streamlines the capture, management and reporting of clinical data beyond what is currently possible, offering live access to all clinical data and advanced insights, within a single platform. Learn more at or
  3. Innovative Physics Limited has a long history in providing intelligent solutions to complex problems across multiple markets underpinned by a patent and Intellectual capital pool spanning pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence, sensor technologies and novel integration/deployment techniques. In addition, the company evolves its current technologies to provide practical, novel solutions. Experienced in offering flexible solutions in a number of ways to the company’s customers and collaborators, Innovative Physics Limited has built up a substantial number of partnerships across the globe with representatives in Asia, USA and Europe.  For more information visit


Press Contact at DPharm Conference, Booth #44

Timothy Corbett-Clark

Chief Technology Officer



Press Contact for Cmed

Claudia Cernea

Marketing Specialist


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Last Updated: 20-Sep-2018