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Global Experts Warn Earth's Atmosphere Evaporation Triggers Disease & Death

Global Experts Warn Earth's Atmosphere Evaporation Triggers Disease & Death Cecil, Fang & Kleyne Say New Water Education Saves Lives and Discovers Cures for Disease. Kleyne, Fang & Cecil Call on Leaders To Create New Global Water Education & Conservation Programs.

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GRANTS PASS, Ore., Sept. 26, 2018

GRANTS PASS, Ore., Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- China's Dr. Yuan Fang, M.A., Ph.D. is an international genome studies expert who has pioneered breakthroughs in cancer research and other diseases, including dry eye disease. L. DeWayne Cecil, Ph.D., adviser to NASA, NOAA and Global Science and Technology, Inc. Climate Data Record Program, is a hydrologist who has worked with the UN in Geneva to monitor the world's climate. Fang and Cecil share a desire to greatly supplement the world's educational offerings in the field of water vapor evaporation of the atmosphere and the conservation of water.

Cecil and Fang also have in common that they are close working colleagues with water researcher Sharon Kleyne, host of the internationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science®/Nature's Pharma®, The Power of Water® & Your Health sponsored by Nature's Tears® EyeMist® on VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio produced by Rose Hong, founder and director of Global Dragon TV in Washington, D.C. and are frequent expert guests on her talk show program.

"The program is like a Nature's Pharma® living laboratory," says Kleyne, "an interactive opportunity for listeners to experience the latest breakthroughs in water, health and climate research, and for listeners and guests to learn from one another."

Kleyne reveals that the world suffers from a severe water crisis. Around 1900, she explains, two percent of the world's population experienced chronic water shortages. By 1960, the figure had increased to nine percent. By 1995, over a third of the world's population experienced chronic water shortages.

Kleyne, Fang and Cecil agree that much of the world's population suffers from water vapor evaporation caused by excessive dehydration, which leads to stress, diseases and addiction. It can even result in death. Eye fatigue and dry eye result from excessive evaporation of the tear film, which is naturally 99 percent water, and it leads to emotional problems that affect the economy and society in general. Dr. Fang insists that it is time "to notify and agitate people about the danger of dry eye". Kleyne, who has studied water and water evaporation for more than 30 years, warns that unchecked dry eye has led to blindness being out of control. "As blindness increases," says Kleyne, "the world's economy will suffer."

The colleagues also agree that education about the latest water technology, water use and dehydration is essential to protecting water supplies and improving world health. "If you show Americans success stories," said Cecil, "they'll pay more attention to new technologies."

"The eye is an elegant, important organ," adds Fang, "yet many people overuse and abuse the eye. The eye is the most sensitive organ in the body. The eye needs rest and regular supplementation of the tear film with pure water," Fang goes on. "Using Nature's Tears® EyeMist® first, followed with a carefully prescribed application of an eye drop, will curb dry eye symptoms and the spread of disease."

All three water experts urge that we "embrace the Power of Water® and Nature's Pharma® to find cures for disease, addiction and emotional imbalances."


If you would like to listen to a radio program featuring Dr. Yuan Fang and Sharon Kleyne discussing eye fatigue, dry eye, internet and computer abuse and addiction, please follow this link:

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