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China Delegation Showcasing Flourishing Medical Tourism Industry at HEALTHCARE ?EVOLUTION® & WMTC-Boao, China

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hainan Province is establishing itself as a leading global medical tourism destination for health travelers from within China and is in search of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art medical and wellness services. Located on the eastern side of Hainan Province (off the coast of Southern China), the Boao Pilot Zone in particular has become one of China's top tourism destinations.

As one of the country's innovative green city projects, the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone has distinguished itself by integrating medical treatments, wellness protocols, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, rehabilitation, senior care, and tourism within a geographical area dedicated to energy conservation and environmental protection.    

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) signed an MOU with the Governor of Hainan to build out the entire healthcare ecosystem of Hainan and assist in creating partnerships between international healthcare organizations, along with the public and private sectors in Hainan. As part of this long-term MOU, the Medical Tourism Association and Global Healthcare Resources are hosting a yearly conference in partnership with the Hainan Government.

According to Hainan Governor Shen Xiaoming, "By introducing the World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC) and medical health tourism resources held by MTA in Hainan, our area will become one of the world's top medical tourism destinations." The project is part of an ongoing initiative of Hainan's People's Government to achieve its goal of becoming a world-class medical and wellness destination by the end of this decade.

Officials have taken great care to create a welcoming environment covering over 20 square kilometers, characterized by a pleasant climate, beautiful ecology and abundant natural resources. Environmental architects utilized a unique natural setting to engineer a "water-island-farmland" ideal for tourists looking for leisure along with their treatments.  

Currently about 500,000 Chinese medical tourists travel abroad every year to receive higher quality healthcare they cannot receive in mainland China, according to Ctrip.

International investors are warmly received with a host of preferred policies that facilitate an appealing ROI:

Fast-track approval for new drugs, technology, and medical devices

Extending the time foreign physicians are permitted to practice medicine to three years

Allowing 100% foreign direct investment and ownership in hospitals

Reduction of tariffs on certain medical devices and equipment

Hainan has special exceptions the rest of Mainland China does not have. It is evolving into the main entry point with the potential to become the Silicon Valley of Healthcare for China.

International organizations can have full ownership, import foreign medical equipment, tech, and pharmaceuticals. They have the ability to operate and manage their own facilities in a preferential setting complete with incentives. Many global organizations are now opening their China operations in Hainan through investment, and in partnership with Chinese organizations. 

"Attending HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®, the annual event of WMTC, is an opportunity to meet the Governor of Hainan along with healthcare providers and investors who are looking for investment or partnership opportunities within the medical, healthcare, wellness, genomics, and pharma ecosystem," says Jonathan Edelheit, Co-founder and Chairman of Global Healthcare Resources, the company behind the event. "Quality healthcare is a worldwide challenge calling for international solutions and innovative, disruptive approaches."

Expectations are high for the Pilot Zone in the next several years, with predictions estimating 10% of overnight visitors will be medical tourists, accounting for 20% of Hainan's total tourism industry revenue. In the near-future, the goal is to become a leading medical and wellness destination, complete with a solid healthcare infrastructure and first-class services.

While attending HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®, Hainan Governor Shen Xiaoming and his delegates will have the opportunity to hear from some of the most innovative and disruptive game-changers in the healthcare ecosystem. Industry leading speakers from all corners of the health and wellness debate will be hosting summits covering all facets of Transforming the Business of Health.

"The opportunity for improving the status of quality domestic and international healthcare has never been greater," affirms Renee-Marie Stephano, Co-founder and CEO of Global Healthcare Resources. "Businesses want innovation, providers want disruption, insurers want stability, and consumers want good health."

In addition to the in-person networking opportunities provided to all attendees, of special significance to international attendees is the interactive access afforded to key leaders and decision makers from provider and buyer countries. The massive shift taking place in the global healthcare marketplace has created an environment where population health management is now a front-burner issue.

The Public-Private Partnership (P3) Summit offers a rare, unfiltered examination of the issues, challenges and solutions facing governments and private entities alike, who are working diligently at optimizing healthcare infrastructures, creating destination attractiveness, stimulating economic growth, and addressing immediate health concerns.

In addition to the Medical Tourism Summits, attendees are encouraged to participate in a wide array of summits designed to inform, enlighten and motivate those with a strong desire to take an active role in the innovation and disruption so desperately needed across the healthcare landscape.

A key area of interest to China and other medical tourism destinations are the specific revolutionary areas of healthcare bridging the gap between the future and present state of medicine. Customized treatments and medical protocols made possible by genomics represent a paradigm shift in diagnostic efficiency through the use of advanced genetic testing.

The Business of Genomics Summit explores, in detail, the accelerating pace of genetic testing and the precision methods by which it enables doctors to evaluate and treat patients. Fast becoming recognized as the key to personalized medicine, genomics promises to be a key component to successful medical tourism destinations.

The Medical Tourism Association and Global Healthcare Resources will be hosting their 2nd edition of the World Medical Tourism Congress Asia Pacific China conference, Dec 7-13, 2018 in Hainan, China. The event will include a conference with exhibitions and a trade mission to Boao, Haikou, and Sanya. 

The event brings in over 600 leading delegates from across China, including top Chinese hospitals, investors, facilitation companies, insurance companies, and representatives from the Chinese government and leading healthcare associations.

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