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Convenient Online CE-Credit Course for Dentists That Conforms to the New ADA Policy on Opioids

BOSTON, Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Leslie S.T. Fang, MD PhD, a clinician-teacher at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and a world-renowned pharmacology and physiology expert, is offering a 3 CE credit study-at-home course that conforms to the new American Dental Association policy on opioids.

The ADA is calling on every dentist in America to receive continuing education in prescribing opioids and other controlled substances. The policy is virtually guaranteed to be codified into law by many state dental boards.

Dr. Fang's course, The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions, is at once both informative and engaging. Designed exclusively for dentists, the three-hour class provides an extensive review of all of the safety protocols and regulations related to controlled substances. More specifically, Dr. Fang teaches dentists how to optimize the use of non-narcotic painkillers.

A short excerpt of Dr. Fang's lecture is available at:

Dr. Fang, author of Principle and Practice of Oral Medicine, Oral Medicine Secrets, has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching from Harvard Medical School. He has been repeatedly honored among the Best Doctors of America.

In May and August, nearly 200 dentists from around the country turned out to participate in Dr. Fang's live presentations of this course. Dr. Fang's lectures were videotaped and are used as the basis for his online class.

Every dentist who registers for Dr. Fang's The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions will also receive The Ultimate Cheat Sheets: The Practical Guide for Dentists (2018 Edition), which serves as the "textbook" for his class.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets is a comprehensive chair-side resource that thousands of dentists turn to daily to have up-to-date information at hand when they need to make crucial clinical decisions. Dr. Fang is the lead author of the handbook.

"The ADA's policy on opioids is designed to protect patients, but it will also safeguard dentists," Dr. Fang notes.

Published reports forecast that liability claims stemming from the opioid crisis could well dwarf the total of all cancer claims against Big Tobacco, with dentists likely to find themselves in the center of the legal crosshairs.

Dr. Fang estimates that only about ten percent of the patients who dentists see will experience significant post-operative or post-treatment pain. Moreover, only about five percent of patients will feel pain that can be categorized as severe.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, state regulators, and the ADA have deliberately set the bar high for dentists before they are allowed to prescribe any narcotic, Dr. Fang notes.

Once dentists realize the hoops they are required to jump through to prescribe an opioid legally, Dr. Fang warns, "You're going to take one look at this and say, 'Wait a second here, you guys are making it painful to prescribe narcotics.'"

That, Dr. Fang adds, is the objective.

"The whole point is to dissuade you from using an excessive – particularly unnecessary – amount of narcotics," he explains.

In addition to clearly spelling out the dental implications of the top 150 drugs prescribed in the United States, the latest edition of Dr. Fang's Ultimate Cheat Sheets deals specifically with the ADA's new policy regarding opioid prescriptions.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets contain everything dentists require to stay abreast of the constantly-changing FDA mandates, life-saving algorithms, and the steady stream of new drugs and their interactions.

Nearly every pertinent clinical issue is condensed into a simple, color-coded and user-friendly format to allow dentists to stay focused on the nuts and bolts of safe patient management.

Dr. Fang's 3 CE-credit online course, The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions, is priced at $169.95. For a limited time, dentists who register for the class will also receive the 2018 Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets – a $169.95 stand-alone value – at no additional charge.

Orders can be placed for the course and Ultimate Cheat Sheets by phoning 855-861-5106, or visiting

With their purchase, dentists will gain immediate access to their own, personalized course "dashboard," allowing them to take Dr. Fang's online class at their leisure. Upon successful completion of the video course and accompanying quiz, Dr. Fang will email dentists a certificate for 3 CE credits.

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