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Creatrix Solutions Releases Patented Exercise Tent, Combining the Benefits of Hot Yoga and NIR Sauna Therapy Accelerating Fat and Weight Loss 444%

KENNEWICK, Wash., Sept. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- After the US patent was granted on July 3, 2018, Creatrix Solutions ( recently unveiled its Sauna Fix®, a near infrared (NIR) sauna tent for the general and specialized yoga practitioner as well as the at-home sauna enthusiast. The Sauna Fix® adds NIR to typical exercise routines and in combination can help individuals lose up to 444 percent more fat and overall weight. The tent is available for direct purchase now at:

Sauna Fix® is a NIR sauna tent that is radiant, portable and available in multiple styles. NIR saunas provide the best heat-stress of all sauna types and are generally regarded as the best choice for both detoxification and weight loss benefits. In addition, NIR saunas offer more beneficial light energy aspects as opposed to traditional, steam or far-infrared sauna options.

There are also a host of safety issues related to the sauna and sauna-tent industry, especially DIY sauna tents. Without the necessary expertise, yoga and exercise enthusiasts put themselves at risk by using untested materials, techniques or equipment.

Created by a certified expert, Sauna Fix® offers:

Components and assembly that are safety-tested for assurance of quality.

UL design certification and registration that meets Federal safety requirements for commercial use and liability insurance.

A Lamp fixture with a Not Detectible (ND) rating for all contaminants tested.

Overall European RoHS, CE and EMC certification.

A proprietary polymer construction that eliminates aluminum, chrome and other plating contaminates in overall construction.

Affordability and portability.

Traditional tents use wooden frames and cotton canvas as part of their construction. Chemicals are known to live in GMO cotton canvas, and nearly all canvas sold in the U.S. is made with non-organic cotton, using pesticides, herbicides and defoliants. These contaminates remain in the cloth despite water scouring. Canvas also wastes energy, requiring lengthy preheating, and is difficult to clean.

Sauna Fix® uses thick, double layers of non-toxic radiant material wrapped around 6mm thick bubble wrap. This creates insulative tent panels with an R-12 rating. The advantages these panels have are:

Maximization of NIR heat utilization.

Anti-fungal and easy to clean.

No need to preheat.

Available in large sizes.

Fire safe and contaminate free.

Organic cotton-webbing construction.

Lightweight, easily stored and transported.

Daily sauna sessions are the best method for improving metabolic rate, burning calories, producing sweat, eliminating toxins and boosting weight loss. NIR saunas are often hailed as the overall healthiest sauna types, by world holistic cancer centers. Even is shining NIR light on inoperable cancer tumors.  Sauna Fix® is also the safest and greenest sauna system available.

"We see a lot of great products … and we were able to sample the Sauna Fix® … and we thought 'how awesome would it be to create a full-size tent, where you could do full yoga practice?' So we talked to Eileen and she created it. It's awesome!" said Co-Founder and Chief Editor Jenn Bodnar of Yoga Digest.

Hot Yoga is now more popular than golf. Practitioners are fast discovering the benefits of owning a personal hot yoga tent instead of paying for an expensive membership and vying for space in a gym. Hot Yoga can use other forms of heat, but when NIR is combined with Yoga in a NIR sauna tent like the Sauna Fix®, additional benefits are achieved in a shorter amount of time.

About Creatrix Solutions LLC

Creatrix Solutions is a wellness company that offers yoga and sauna tents, NIR saunas, an innovative air purifier that produces oxygen, water ozonators, as well as line of skin care products, sea salts and a wide variety of other items related to holistic health. Founded by Nutritional Balancing Science practitioner Eileen Durfee in 2010, Creatrix Solutions' mission is to help make America great again one person at a time.  By providing tools that help people transition from artificial medicated health, to natural health. Learn more at:


Eileen Durfee, Inventor and Practitioner
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Last Updated: 28-Sep-2018