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Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is Excited to Announce a Conference For His Innovative NGUI-MATRIX Health Care System

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is Excited to Announce a Conference For His Innovative NGUI-MATRIX Health Care System

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TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2018

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is excited to announce an upcoming conference where he will discuss with attendees, in both lecture and practicum formats, his new medical health care system, the NGUI-MATRIX. As a Qigong Grandmaster, international lecturer, humanitarian, and established traditional Chinese medicine clinician, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui has culminated his experience in the medical industry by creating a holistic wellness healthcare treatment plan — the NGUI-MATRIX.

The NGUI-MATRIX was created on the principle that pain is the most common symptom of most illnesses/injuries and that many people experience pain for the entirety of their life. The NGUI-MATRIX addresses the understanding of pain treatment using three main models; the traditional understanding that pain is related to the nervous system, the modern Chinese medical system's understanding that pain resides in the meridian system, and the understanding that pain is associated with the path of least resistance. The NGUI-MATRIX health care system utilizes knowledge, as derived from Qigong and the flow of Qi to address pressure centers in the head — thus resulting in relief to the afflicted part of the body.

The NGUI-MATRIX, in its essence, is a knowledge-based approach to relieving pain and other bodily abnormalities, in a low-impact and non-invasive way. On October 29, Grandmaster Stanley will be holding a conference in Toronto where he will be discussing his innovative healthcare system with attendees with the hope that they will be able to later integrate the NGUI-MATRIX into their treatment regimens. The conference will be in both lecture and practicum styles, ensuring that attendees leave with a firm grasp of this innovative system.

If you are interested in learning more about the NGUI-MATRIX health care system and the conference that will be held on October 29, in Toronto, please visit

About Grandmaster Stanley Ngui

Grandmaster Stanley Ngui is a 23rd generation family member of the Ngui (WEI) family, a family immersed in traditional Chinese medicine dating back to 661 BC. Grandmaster Stanley has created the NGUI-MATRIX by combining his knowledge of medicine, Qigong, and natural medicine. The NGUI-MATRIX combines both traditional and modern practices and has been "repackaged" to work for the modern clinician. 

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