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WINDGO, Inc. Granted Substrate-Backed Smart Damping Adhesive Patent

WINDGO, Inc. Granted Substrate-Backed Smart Damping Adhesive Patent

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COLUMBIA, Mo., Oct. 4, 2018

COLUMBIA, Mo., Oct. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, WINDGO Inc., a research and development company specializing in smart material and vibrational transfer technologies announced that they have been granted US Patent No.10,088,011 for a substrate-backed Smart Damping Adhesive (SDA). This is in line with WINDGO's emphasis on energy, resonance and vibration technologies and products. WINDGO, Inc. is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) End-Node market expansion that is forecasted to exceed one trillion dollars by 2025.

The possible applications for WINDGO's substrate-backed Smart Damping Adhesive are varied and exciting. Acoustical (noise) cancelling, production of smart building materials, automotive, robot skin, digital signage and other industrial applications, as well as medical, aerospace and other critical market applications have great need for the attributes that WINDGO's substrate-backed SDA can provide.

The WINDGO Damping System is designed to sense, mitigate and report changes of a substrate. Substrate and adhesive changes may be caused by a sound wave, electromagnetic or seismic wave, or a change in temperature or pressure. WINDGO's SDA tape is designed to provide an increased ability to deflect or absorb a physical shock received by a substrate. Stacked adhesive layers may be configured to form a multi-purpose SDA tape solution.

This new invention is based on material science technologies that evolved from the original works of inventor Fielding Staton. His invention of the Absorbud in 2013 has led to industry-changing advancements in macro, micro, and nano-based technologies.

WINDGO/Newtonoid PDF US Patents Public Press Copy- Freely Distributed

Fielding Staton - Liberty, MO
David Strumpf – Columbia, MO

About WINDGO, Inc: WINDGO, Inc. ( is a privately-held company based in Columbia, MO. WINDGO, Inc. has several patent holdings within its Intellectual Property holding company – Newtonoid, LLC which has been in the research and development business since 2013.

Founded in 2016, WINDGO, Inc. has researched, developed, and produced a variety of smart products and other intelligent product subsystems in the sensory and digital markets including Absorbud, Smart Windows, Robot Skin Membranes, ProVector™, Drone Chute™, Food Puck™, and Shingle Clip System & Method.


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