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Joseph Stan DDS Says That Regenerating Teeth of the Earth's First Predator Are Enviable, but Modern Day Humans Can Rely Only Dental Science

Joseph Stan DDS Says That Regenerating Teeth of the Earth's First Predator Are Enviable, but Modern Day Humans Can Rely Only Dental Science Joseph Stan DDS comments on a recent article that, while things would have been easier if humans had the regenerative powers of the ancient conodont, dental implants and other techniques are the next best thing to re-growing our own teeth.

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2018

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A September 24tharticle on Phys.Org reports on findings by German paleontologists from eons old fossils that are believed to be from the earth's first predator, the conodont. Though tiny, the eel-like creatures had teeth they were powerful enough to devour smaller animals. Sometimes prey proved to be literally more than the conodonts could chew. The creatures' teeth would break, but would quickly be replaced by regenerated teeth. Highly regarded Los Angeles Dentist Dr. Joseph Stan says that, sadly, the miraculous abilities of the conodont will never be naturally present in human beings. When a modern human's teeth are damaged by decay or trauma, the only viable resource is a skilled dentist.

Dr. Stan says that, when modern day teeth are compromised due to trauma and serious dental issues, today's highly advanced dentistry can replace teeth with replicas that are practically as good as natural teeth. The dentist says that dental implants are currently the gold standard solution for teeth that have been extracted or damaged beyond repair for a few reasons. The most important from a medical standpoint is that implants are the only teeth replacements that actually address the issue of bone depletion caused by the loss of a tooth. While older types of prosthetics such as dentures and bridgework are much better than leaving teeth unreplaced, the dentist says that only implants help important supporting bones to keep their mass, avoiding severe problems like "floating" teeth.

Of course, Dr. Stan adds, implants are also greatly preferred by patients for their convenience and appearance. Since they are implanted, there's no need for worrying about issues like slippage or losing or damaging prosthetic teeth. Moreover, they can be cared for in exactly the same way that patients should care for their natural teeth – with twice daily brushing and flossing, says the dentist. He adds that many patients who are interested in implants also have a number of other dental problems that need to be addressed. In these cases, full mouth reconstruction, which takes a holistic approach to improving all aspects of a patient's oral health, is available to today's patients. On the other hand, for teeth that may be damaged less seriously, root canals can save the base structure of the tooth, while porcelain crowns can replace its outer portion. For teeth where most of the damage is cosmetic, Dr. Stan says that veneers can make an enormous difference.

The ability of the conodont to simply grow back teeth may be something we humans can only envy, says Dr. Stan, but humankind is fortunate to have brains that can devise solutions to missing teeth and other oral issues. For more information about working with Dr. Stan, call (310) 275-8121 or visit his website at


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