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Cardiff Dentist Leading The Fight Against Dental Phobia

Nicola Taaffe, principal dentist and owner of Nicola Taaffe @west Grove, has become Dental Phobia Certified and -  alongside her team -  they’ve helped thousands of people receive treatment and even overcome their fear.

Over the past 25 years Nicola has worked with many people who have avoided the dentist’s chair for several years, and in some cases for decades. When Nicola graduated she pledged to help one person a day tackle their phobia. Something which her team are all committed too.

Picking up the phone, making the first phone call, can be a huge achievement for some sufferers. Walking through the door and sitting in the waiting room is another massive hurdle. Some appointments have been based round the patient just walking through the surgery door, or sitting in the dentist chair for a few minutes.

Fear manifests itself in various ways: fear of noises, fear of the drill, smells, needles, diagnosis, anaesthesia, the dental chair. How people cope with the intensity and level of anxiety is an individual plight.

Nicola and her team help people at each step of their treatment, guided by the patient, working at their pace. They share ideas for anyone suffering with Dental Phobia who is unsure about which dentist is suitable for them:

 - Ask the dental practice questions by phone or email – the more contact you have the easier it becomes. Call the practice, chat to team members and get a feel for the place. You’ll identify if it feels right for you.

- Visit the practice before your first appointment, knowing where you’re going and how to get their can take away some anxiety.

- Ensure the practice includes you with the decision making

- Moral support is important for some people. Take someone with you to the appointment and even into the dentist’s room.

- Talk to friends, family, colleagues, you might be surprised how many people have anxieties about the dentist

- Before an appointment take your mind off it, we have patients who opt for retail therapy

- Reward yourself after an appointment, have something to look forward too, being close to the centre and Roath shops many head off for a meal or more shopping!


Nicola Taaffe @ West Grove dental clinic is based minutes from Cardiff Centre and Queen St Station, on West Grove. Street parking available and close to many bus stops.

Cardiff Dentist Leading The Fight Against Dental Phobia

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Last Updated: 10-Oct-2018