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ZVOX Announces The VoiceBud VB20 - A Full-Featured High-Performance Hearing Device ... Without the High Price

ZVOX Announces The VoiceBud VB20 - A Full-Featured High-Performance Hearing Device ... Without the High Price With Dual-microphone NoiseBlocker™ Technology, Smartphone App Control and High-performance American-made Electronics Components, the VB20 Revolutionizes Affordable Hearing Devices

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SWAMPSCOTT, Mass., Oct. 11, 2018

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass., Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ZVOX Audio has announced its first-ever personal hearing device, the VoiceBud VB20. Designed for people who have trouble understanding voices in some circumstances, the VB20 features a combination of advanced technologies that currently cannot be found in devices selling for less than $600. The VB20 is being introduced with an MSRP of $299.99.

A number of affordable hearing devices have been introduced in the last few months – but this is something completely different. Although priced like single-microphone hearing devices without wireless app control, the VB20 is FDA registered, and offers an impressive array of features normally found in devices priced at $799 and more:

  • NoiseBlocker™ technology is designed for crowded rooms and restaurants – to help the listener hear the people she or he is talking to, and reduce the volume of other people in the room. A dual-microphone system feeds sounds into a sophisticated digital processor that can be programmed to reduce sounds coming from behind the listener.
  • The VoiceBud app control is available for use on iOS or Android phones and tablets. It allows the user to wirelessly control volume, listening mode (four choices – normal, noisy room, automobile and outdoors), bass and treble. It also allows the user to check battery status.
  • Wide Audio Frequency Range: Like other advanced and more expensive hearing devices, the VB20 has very wide audio frequency range, amplifying sounds from 200 Hz to 5.7 kHz – resulting in smooth, natural sound.
  • No Squealing: A sophisticated anti-feedback system helps minimize "squealing."
  • Ambient Noise Control: A multi-layer noise reduction system automatically detects sounds from air conditioners, fans and car engines – and minimizes those sounds.
  • Loud noise control. The VB20 can quickly detect loud noises and automatically "turn down the volume" to prevent too-loud sounds from reaching the user's ears.
  • Comfort Features: The VB20 uses a BTE (Behind The Ear) design and is supplied with user-changeable sound tubes (4) and ear domes (12) in three different sizes. And each VB20 comes with a tool that allows the user to clean and maintain tubes and domes.
  • Batteries included: The VB20 is packed with a supply of six 312-sized zinc-air batteries that last 3-4 days each.
  • U.S Made Parts: The electronics components, microphones and transducer in the VB20 are all made in the United States by two of the leading companies in hearing technology.

In addition to the performance features above, the VB20 is housed in a tiny (just about one inch long), sleek designer housing available in champagne gold, silver/gray and gray. They are so small that most people never notice when someone is wearing them. They are very comfortable for all-day use – or store them in their slim zippered carry case and throw them in your pocket or purse for when you need a little help hearing.

ZVOX Disrupts. Again.
"For over 15 years, consumers have basically had two choices," says ZVOX CEO Tom Hannaher. "They could buy a low-priced hearing amplifier or spend a lot of money on a sophisticated hearing device. With the VoiceBud VB20 they can now get advanced hearing technology at a reasonable price. Millions of people who have trouble hearing in certain situations now have a whole new option."

The VoiceBud VB20 is currently available direct from the manufacturer at $299.99 each.

ZVOX VoiceBud VB20 Features & Specifications:

  • Dual-microphone system with directional processing.
  • App control via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Wide frequency range for natural sound.
  • Digital equalization boosts voice frequencies while minimizing other sounds.
  • Multi-layer noise reduction to minimize sounds from air conditioners, traffic, etc.
  • Maximum Potential Output limiting (prevents very loud sounds from being amplified)
  • Automatic Feedback Control (AFC) – reduces "squealing"
  • Frequency response: 200 Hz – 5.7 kHz
  • Distortion: Less than 0.5%
  • Maximum Output: OSPL90 (dB) 112-117
  • Average Output: HFA-OSPL90 (dB) 102-107
  • Maximum Gain: FOG50 (dB): 25-30
  • Gain: 29 dB
  • Equivalent Input Noise (dB): <20
  • Battery size: 312
  • Battery current (mA): 2.5
  • WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Control): 4 channels, 12 bands
  • Size (without sound tubes and ear domes): 1" x 0.3"
  • Shipping carton size and weight: 7.75" x 4.375" x 5.27" and 4.7 ounces

About ZVOX. ZVOX, a pioneer of simple home theater solutions is recognized for introducing the first commercially successful sound bar in 2004, the first soundbase TV audio system in 2008, and the first speaker dedicated to dialogue clarity in 2016. The company has been committed to enhanced hearing solutions for over 15 years.

ZVOX Audio, 17 Columbia St., Swampscott, MA 01907
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