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Bladder Cancer In America Survey Shows Remission Correlates With Multiple Factors Beyond Treatment Itself

Bladder Cancer In America Survey Shows Remission Correlates With Multiple Factors Beyond Treatment Itself Patients with no evidence of disease (remission) more likely than those with active symptoms to feel their needs are met

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PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Survey results from Bladder Cancer In America 2018, Health Union LLC's national survey of 401 respondents conducted among both patients and care partners impacted by the condition, show that for people in remission, a number of factors beyond the treatment itself contributed to reporting good experiences with bladder cancer. Among the factors are having good relationships with doctors and feeling their overall needs are met. Of note, respondents in remission were more likely to report having received a second opinion when initially diagnosed and assistance from their healthcare provider with navigating the financial aspects of treatment. 

According to the American Cancer Society, about nine out of 10 people with bladder cancer are over the age of 55, with the average age at the time of diagnosis being 73. Fortunately, although recurrence is still likely, bladder cancer is very treatable and has high general survival rates – 77 percent for five years and 70 percent for 10 years.

With more than half of survey respondents of Bladder Cancer In America 2018 reporting that they are currently in remission - also known as no evidence of disease (NED) - findings suggest nuances in experiences of those in remission and their counterparts who are experiencing active cancer.

Not surprisingly, respondents in remission were more likely than those not in remission to be satisfied with the care they receive from their healthcare practitioners (HCP). However, the data shows that these HCP relationships extend beyond the success of individual treatments. For example, respondents in remission were more likely than their non-remission counterparts to think their HCPs understood their questions and concerns about having bladder cancer and delivered easy-to-understand test results.

The data also contributes to the notion that high levels of emotional and social well-being can potentially contribute to treatment satisfaction for bladder cancer patients in remission. These patients are significantly more likely than those not in remission to feel close to and receive support from friends, enjoy the things they usually do for fun, be able to work and overall be content with their current quality of life. Additionally, they are more likely to say "not at all" when asked if they have trouble meeting the needs of their families, feel nervous or sad, worry about dying or their condition worsening or feel forced to spend time in bed.

On the other hand, an analysis of the survey results showed that bladder cancer patients who are not in remission are more likely to need, but not currently receive, help finding coping strategies and understanding medical care. To find the information they need, these patients with evidence of the disease are more likely than their counterparts to use bladder cancer-specific websites, internet search and online videos.

"The community, like many of our chronic condition-specific communities, is overwhelmingly positive, supportive and understanding of shared experiences," said Tim Armand, Health Union president and co-founder. "The Bladder Cancer In America 2018 survey results show us that this mindset is not due solely to successful treatment results but a mixture of understanding healthcare professionals, supportive family and friends and the important role of having the relevant information to make impactful health decisions."

Health Union's second annual Bladder Cancer In America 2018 surveyed 401 U.S. respondents – a mixture of 332 patients and 69 caregivers – from May 16 to Aug. 1, 2018. A summary infographic of the results is available on; additional survey results may be available upon request.

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