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SWAT Mosquito Systems Explains the Dangers and Solutions to South Florida Mosquitos

SWAT Mosquito Systems Explains the Dangers and Solutions to South Florida Mosquitos Miami is becoming more suitable for disease-carrying mosquitoes with climate change, rising temperatures and hurricanes smashing the coasts.

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MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2018

MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- South Florida residents and tourists are leaning toward mosquito control following a significant increase in the number of bugs found on properties and in homes. Hernando CountyMosquito control blames the influx on large hurricanes bringing in unnatural amounts of rain as well as higher temperatures from climate change.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported illnesses from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas have tripled over the last 14 years, including the addition of nine new germs to the United States from insect-related transmission. There have been 66 reported cases of Zika in Florida, all of which are travel-related, meaning people already infected with the virus are bringing it into the state.

Some symptoms to look out for after being bit include inflammation, hives, swelling, redness and low-grade fevers. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately as conditions can worsen if not treated.

SWAT Mosquito Systems, a South Florida mosquito misting company, advises residents and business owners to protect their homes and properties from the dangers disease-carrying mosquitoes present. 

"Our automated misting systems offer a preventative approach to the spreading of mosquito and insect-borne diseases," says Steve Jenkins, CEO of SWAT Mosquito Systems. "Our custom designed mosquito mist systems offer guaranteed control, and will protect your home from mosquitoes and no-see-ums. In addition, the mist itself is made from chrysanthemum and is biodegradable."

Their systems create an insect prevention perimeter around your property. High quality stainless-steel or nickel nozzles are installed on fences, trees, gutters, and eaves, and can be activated from an automatic control unit multiple times per day depending on the concentration on insects in your area.

Call or visit their website for a free consultation and learn how you can protect your home or business from unwanted insects and potential diseases.

SWAT Mosquito Systems has been operating locally in South Florida for 12 years. They install and upkeep mosquito misting systems as well as landscape lighting. They provide free consultations and create custom designs for each home. SWAT uses American made products and the systems are installed and maintained by state licensed technicians. The mist itself is made from Chrysanthemum, a biodegradable and non-hazardous chemical. The systems are landscape friendly and can typically be hidden in the foliage. An app is available for system monitoring and can be used to assist with system maintenance.

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