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Heraeus Medical facilitates hospital-patient interaction with new digital solution

  • HeraeusCare® digitizes pre- and post-operative patient care in orthopedic surgery
  • Improved medical outcomes and significant cost savings

In order to streamline hospital-patient interactions in orthopedic surgery, Heraeus Medical provides a novel web-based digital solution. It includes a dashboard for hospitals and a mobile application for patients. The solution called HeraeusCare® will be introduced at this year´s German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU) in Berlin, Germany, from October 23 to 26, 2018. An onsite demo of the solution will be shown at Heraeus Medical´s conference booth (Hall 4.2, booth no. 74).

HeraeusCare® addresses important challenges of today´s healthcare systems. It centralizes and automates hospital-patient interactions, thereby reducing time-consuming phone calls and ensuring consistent quality levels even in case of staff turnover or changing responsibilities. In addition, the solution allows continuous digital patient tracking, thereby minimizing last minute surgery cancellations due to health issues or no-shows. Most importantly, HeraeusCare® improves medical outcomes by supporting patient compliance and allowing an early detection of potential infections or other health issues. Thereby, severe complications and revisions can be reduced, patient recovery is accelerated, and healthcare costs are minimized.


Seamlessly integrated hospital-patient interface

HeraeusCare® supplies care providers with actionable and up-to-date insights about patient progress in the care pathway and supports orthopedic surgery patients in their preparation and recovery phases. It consist of two seamlessly integrated components: a web-based dashboard version for hospitals and a mobile application for patients.


Web based dashboard on hospital side

The web-based dashboard of HeraeusCare® offers hospitals clearly structured, digital patient records and regular alerts about potential health issues and patient compliance. Specific care pathways can be customized to the needs of individual hospitals, including pre- and post-operative processes, communication preferences, and automated patient monitoring. The care personnel may notice how patients read and acknowledge information and monitor how patients are doing in their respective care pathway, making it possible to focus on those patients who are most in need of attention. The solution further allows doctors and nurses to detect potential health issues as early as possible and to ensure immediate action. Moreover, the digital data collected via HeraeusCare® further supports quality control and evaluation.


Mobile application on patient’s side

As a mobile application, HeraeusCare® supports patients and caregivers from preparation to recovery. The application automates and monitors patients' preparation for surgery and their recovery procedures via an efficient, user-friendly and interactive timeline providing patients with instructions precisely when they need them. Patients receive reminders about important tasks and get access to video tutorials, questionnaires and can conveniently track their status at any time. In addition, they can upload health information, pain status, photos of their wound etc. so that during the entire process, hospitals obtain timely information on patients´ progress and health status.


Full compliance as medical device

HeraeusCare® is fully compliant to all major data compliance regulations (EU GDPR, HIPAA), can be easily adapted to additional data protection requirements and is CE-certified.



Heraeus Medical is a leader in the area of bone cements and biomaterials for surgical orthopaedics and trauma surgery. This enables the company to make an important contribution to supporting surgeons and the surgical team and to improve surgery outcomes. In the area of biomaterials, Heraeus Medical focuses on products for use in bone and joint surgery. The core product PALACOS® is considered the gold standard among bone cements and has repeatedly proven itself over five decades of clinical use. The first bone cement with antibiotic for infection prophylaxis in endoprosthetics was developed 45 years ago with PALACOS® R+G.

The Heraeus technology group based in Hanau is a worldwide leading family-owned portfolio company. The roots of the company founded in 1851 stretch back to a pharmacy run by the family since 1660. Today Heraeus combines a multitude of business lines in the fields of environmental technology, energy, electronics, health, mobility and industrial applications.

In the 2017 financial year Heraeus generated total revenues of 21.8 bn. €. The FORTUNE Global 500 listed company employs a workforce of around 13,000 in 40 countries and holds a leading position in its global sales markets. Heraeus is among the top 10 family-owned companies in Germany.

With technical competence, excellence, as well as a focus on innovation and an entrepreneurial management culture, we aspire to continuously improve our performance. We create high-quality solutions for our customers and sustainably strengthen their competitiveness by connecting unique material competence with technology leadership.



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