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Brighton, MI Podiatrist Tom Biernacki Praises the Benefits of a Medical Pedicure

Brighton, MI Podiatrist Tom Biernacki Praises the Benefits of a Medical Pedicure Brighton, MI podiatrist Tom Biernacki praises the benefits of a medical pedicure. This is a medically necessary foot treatment that podiatrists can perform on very high-risk patients.

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BRIGHTON, Mich., Oct. 23, 2018

BRIGHTON, Mich., Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A medical pedicure is much different than a cosmetic pedicure by a cosmetologist. This is not foot care to make your feet look beautiful, this is foot care that is essential for simply being able to walk and function during your daily life. If you have severe foot pain due to ingrown toenails, infection or potentially a medical condition, then a medical pedicure is something that you can very qualify with for insurance coverage. Medical insurance does generally cover foot care if you are deemed to have a severe and painful problem, there is nothing cosmetic about it!

Dr. Biernacki performs medical pedicures at office locations in Brighton Michigan, Howell Michigan and Dexter Michigan. Dr. Biernacki states "A medical pedicure is not something that should take a long time, ideally if you can come in for 5 minutes and have your foot pain relieved and make sure you don't have a fungal or bacterial infection, then that is the best thing we can do for you. Yet it is possible to have a longer appointment if there is more that we can do for you. I promise you will not be disappointed!"

Dr. Tomasz Biernacki specifically says those who qualify for medical pedicures are those people who are deemed " high risk". Dr. Biernacki states, "If you have any type of severe pain in your feet and cannot take care of yourself, then this would qualify for visiting a doctor. Do not be ashamed if you are unable to help yourself and take care of your painful feet to the point of inactivity and crippling pain."

A medical pedicure should be performed at a podiatrist and foot doctor's office. It is much more hygienic, and it is more focused on medical care and not cosmesis. Specifically, if you have diabetes, toenail deformities, peripheral neuropathy, toenail fungus, calluses or dry skin. These are the conditions that we focus on seeing at our office.

Medical pedicures are specifically designed to accommodate people with difficulty walking, wheelchair bound patients, neurological conditions, dementia, diabetes and blow floor abnormalities. If you have any medical problems at all that leave you unable to walk or bend over, you may qualify as well for foot care. A secondary benefit of a medical pedicure is to have your walking ability assessed. Dr. Biernacki states, "The vast majority of the time a patient may walk in with toenail and callus pain but leave walking better than they ever thought they could due to evaluation of how they walk and correcting problems they did not think were correctable except with surgery."

Dr. Tom Biernacki himself has lived in Michigan since training in Ann Arbor and Livonia at the St. Joseph and St. Mary Mercy Hospital residency program. Dr. Biernacki then completed further training with Dr. Thomas Zgonis at the University of Texas. Dr. Edguardo Rodriguez at Chicago St. Joseph Presence Hospital. He has won numerous awards in Michigan as a presenter, a clinician and as a foot surgeon.


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