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Dr. Philip A. Salem Prescribes What Patients, Doctors, Insurers & The Government Need To Do In His New Book, Defeating Cancer

Dr. Philip A. Salem Prescribes What Patients, Doctors, Insurers & The Government Need To Do In His New Book, Defeating Cancer

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HOUSTON, Oct. 23, 2018

HOUSTON, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A new book by a prominent oncologist with 50 years of experience, Defeating Cancer: Knowledge Alone Is Not Enough (Quartet Books, Hardcover, $20, 148 pages, ISBN: 9780704374522), provides a detailed roadmap for those diagnosed with cancer of what to do, ask, or think about when confronting their life-threatening disease. It also provides strong advocacy for a better patient-doctor relationship, insurance reforms, and cuts to burdensome government healthcare regulations. 

Author Dr. Philip A. Salem (, who served on a White House Healthcare Advisory Committee for five years under Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, is an ardent, outspoken advocate for patient rights. 

He's available to discuss:

  • Why we need to remove burdensome regulations on hospitals and doctors that injure the care of patients.
  • How insurance companies interfere with the best care a patient should be provided.
  • Why there's a deadly misconception of what "standard therapy" should be – and how it is not always what's best for a particular patient.
  • Why the biggest mistake cancer doctors make is to start therapy immediately after a diagnosis is made.
  • Why the most sacred right that should be in the U.S Constitution and UN Declaration of Human Rights is the right to proper healthcare.

He also champions a movement to prohibit government and insurance providers from interfering in the decision-making process for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  He strongly believes that a doctor should have the liberty to treat patients as he or she thinks best and practice without fear of litigation for failure to comply with arbitrary standards and guidelines that may not be appropriate for every patient. 

Dr. Salem, who served as the director of cancer research at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center for 20 years, says: "Patients must have easy access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, to their doctor, nurse, and every health professional taking care of him or her. This access has been significantly hampered in the recent past."

This book, written with passion and precision, crystallizes a lifetime's experience of treating cancer into a concise step-by-step guide intended for patients and families a like.  Expertly taking the reader through each part of the process, starting with diagnosis – and supplemented throughout with patient stories – Defeating Cancer will give strength to anyone affected by their disease.

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