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DermTech Presents Clinical Research Abstract at Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference

DermTech, Inc., the global leader in non-invasive molecular dermatology, announced today the presentation of a clinical research abstract at the 37th Annual Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Real world experience and clinical utility of a non-invasive gene-expression rule-out test for melanoma and additional validation against high risk driver mutations in BRAF, NRAS and the TERT promoter,”byLaura Ferris, MD, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Dermatology, et al, highlighted the utility of the Pigmented Lesion Assay (PLA) in reducing the number of surgical biopsies by 88%, while missing fewer melanomas. The research also confirmed that clinicians follow the PLA guidance by biopsying PLA positive cases (98.2%) and monitoring PLA negative cases (99.4%). The addition of non-invasive mutation analyses of BRAF non-v600E, NRAS, and TERT to LINC and PRAME gene expression testing, was shown to further improve the PLA melanoma rule out performance (97% sensitivity, 99% NPV). The gene expression, mutation analyses and histology results were highly correlated.

“The PLA has been used commercially on over 20,000 patients to date and it is intriguing to demonstrate that positive PLA test results lead to follow-up biopsies in almost all cases while PLA negative lesions are being monitored and not biopsied. Adding mutation risk factors to gene expression risk factors further improves our ability to rule out melanoma non-invasively,” said the study’s lead author Dr. Ferris.

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DermTech is the global leader in molecular dermatology, bringing precision medicine to the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease. We market and develop products that facilitate the early detection of skin cancers, assess inflammatory diseases, and customize drug treatments. DermTech analyzes skin biopsy samples collected non-invasively using an adhesive patch rather than a scalpel. Our mission is to transform dermatology by delivering highly accurate and objective information to the clinician to improve care and reduce costs and to pharma partners to support the development of targeted therapeutics. For additional information visit:

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Last Updated: 24-Oct-2018