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Reliance Medical Products: New Integrated Lane Concept Reimagines the Future of Eyecare

Reliance Medical Products: New Integrated Lane Concept Reimagines the Future of Eyecare Reliance Medical Products partners with Zukunplan to create an ophthalmic exam lane that is designed for the future of the eyecare industry.

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MASON, Ohio, Oct. 26, 2018

MASON, Ohio, Oct. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --  Reliance Medical Products, a division of Haag-Streit USA, will reveal an integrated lane concept that will transform the exam experience for both the patient and doctor. As part of the company's vision for the future of eye care, the concept represents a step towards sleeker and more ergonomic designs.

"Reliance is future-focused without abandoning the qualities of reliability and durability that define our success today," says Ernest Cavin, CEO/President of Haag-Streit USA. The ergonomics of the new lane concept - smaller and slimmer with integrated technology - promote effortless workflow, greater physician comfort, and easier patient interaction. "Its appearance is striking, too," Cavin says, "meaning the exam room can be as design-forward as the front of any contemporary practice."

The eye exam lane is where the doctor and patient come together, and each comes with different needs. Ergonomically sound solutions address both.

For patients, eye exams and in-office procedures can be a great source of anxiety. But Reliance is exploring what becomes possible when focus is put on the comfort – both physical and psychological – of the patient.

"We call it Human-Centric design," says Terry Birchler, owner of Zukunplan, the Columbus, OH-based product design firm Reliance is partnering with to create its new product concepts. "We conducted multiple studies on how ergonomics can fundamentally change the exam room experience, to make it both more pleasant and efficient." Their patient-focused research resulted in features like bright and natural materials, ambient light in the column, a patient side table, lower entry seat height, and fully contoured seat and back.

For physicians, the exam lane design is crucial to preventing the musculoskeletal disorders that often plague eye care providers throughout their career – and can even cut it short. This new lane concept places exam instruments lower and more comfortably within reach. Both the physician stool and the patient chair sit at the same level, encouraging proper posture. Other features like motorized options and contoured touch points promote a smooth workflow.

"There's nothing more exhilarating in design than the moment you realize that you are onto something significant," says Birchler. "The team at Reliance took the guardrails off this project, so we could go anywhere. And we did."

Cavin sees the new integrated lane concept as just the beginning of a new era of products from Reliance that will have a profound impact on modern exam room design, patient experience, and physician comfort and health.

"This concept is truly a game-changer in the exam room," says Dr. Cavin. "We're certain it will be the forerunner of lane designs for many years to come."

For more information on the new integrated lane concept, visit the Haag-Streit booth, #2226, at AAO in Chicago, October 27-29.


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