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Gloria J. Yorke's Blockbuster Novel, Medical Manslaughter, warns of Medical Error Epidemic

Gloria J. Yorke's Blockbuster Novel, Medical Manslaughter, warns of Medical Error Epidemic

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CHICAGO, Oct. 30, 2018

CHICAGO, Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sometimes it takes a novel to get us to understand the deeper, more important truths about life and death -- especially when it involves love, miracles, and one woman's powerful desire to find meaning in a world turned upside down by the loss of her husband.

Medical Manslaughter , by Gloria J. Yorke (, is such a book. Based on the true but incredible life and journey of Gloria, her story also explores selfless caregiving, recovery against the odds, and medical malpractice.

"This is one of those rare books that will stir an awakening in you!" writes Joe Vitale, a best-selling author, in the book's foreword.

Gloria, 25 years younger than the man she married, lost her husband six years ago. He was a legendary musician in Chicago, having performed with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and other star entertainers.

But one day he fell in his home and landed in a hospital, an odyssey she believes contributed to his death.

Under the medical treatment he received, he slipped into a coma. The hospital encouraged Gloria to let him die. They sought to discharge him while nursing homes were refusing to take him. She willed him out of a 34-day coma and helped him live another six months, as he recovered from the loss of speech and related complications.

"What happened to him at home was an accident; but what happened at the hospital was a tragedy," fumes Gloria. "I believe the hospital caused his health to get worse – and then they lied to cover it up. It was just a mess."

Gloria provides useful life-saving tips on:

  • How to protect yourself from doctor errors
  • Why you should not give up on someone in a coma
  • The horrors of nursing home living
  • Understanding what makes for a good hospice provider
  • How to advocate for a sick patient and serve their needs
  • Why nearly 400,000 patients DIE every year from avoidable medical mistakes
  • Why you need a Living Will and a Power of Attorney for your healthcare

Her novel ends on an upbeat note about miracles and the power of prayer. The main character is visited by her husband AFTER death, giving her comfort that one's spirit lives on.

"Prepare yourself to be shocked, angered, mystified, and yes, petrified at what occurs in my book," says Gloria.

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