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National Survey Reveals Emotional Challenges among the Biggest Hurdles to Seeking Fertility Care, SGF's Integrated Care Model Helps Patients Move Forward

National Survey Reveals Emotional Challenges among the Biggest Hurdles to Seeking Fertility Care, SGF's Integrated Care Model Helps Patients Move Forward Shady Grove Fertility is one of only a few national fertility centers who adhere to a patient-centered integrated care model that provides services beyond the physical, offering support resources to address the mental health care needs of its patients.

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ROCKVILLE, Md., Oct. 30, 2018

ROCKVILLE, Md., Oct. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A recent national survey conducted by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, of whom Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) is a visionary partner, reveals the overwhelming majority of respondents (n=425) cite emotional challenges among the biggest hurdles to seeking help from a fertility specialist.

As a leading fertility center in the nation, SGF believes firmly in supporting the whole patient. "Caring for a patient's emotional well-being is as important as treating their infertility, and we understand each patient's experience and needs are different," says Sharon Covington, LCSW-C, SGF's Director of Psychological Services. "This survey confirms what we know from numerous other research studies: the emotional burden from infertility and its treatment is a significant factor as to why patients drop out of treatment, even when they have full insurance coverage."

In helping to support the "whole" patient, SGF provides many support resources integrated into their fertility program to help reduce the stress and emotional toll associated with infertility from a medical, emotional, and financial perspective.

The practice offers numerous free infertility support groups throughout their regions, moderated by trained mental health professionals. Each therapist has extensive training and knowledge about all aspects of infertility counseling with individual, couples, and group therapies. The support groups offer highly effective ways to learn different techniques for managing the stress of treatment in a supportive and open environment.

SGF also offers free educational events such as physician-hosted in-person seminars and virtual webinars. These events are intended to inform and educate current and prospective patients about what to expect when seeking care from a fertility specialist, types of testing to diagnosis infertility, infertility treatment options, affording fertility care, and much more. Each event concludes with an anonymous question and answer session so that attendees have the opportunity to get their personal questions answered by the practice's physician experts.

SGF places a high value on collecting and sharing patient stories through its website and social channels in order to inspire hope and belief. These stories provide an honest and heartwarming look into the trials and triumphs patients face during their infertility journeys.

"Hearing a patient's experience with infertility in their own words and how they overcame this obstacle made me feel less alone and gave me hope to keep persevering," says a former SGF patient.

The SGF Facebook page and Instagram page of over 28,000 followers offers a community of support and encouragement for many patients. Used as a platform for information seekers, current patients, former patients, and their loved ones, it offers an opportunity for the community to discuss and learn more about infertility, share experiences, and seek advice.

"Our Facebook community offers a safe place for patients to seek advice and share experiences with others who have walked the same path, helping to overcome the isolation felt by many patients," adds Covington.

"I remember the isolation I felt month after month, seeing pregnancy announcements and baby bumps all around me. Everywhere I looked I was bombarded with reminders of what I couldn't achieve, the status of motherhood. And then I met a legion of people who cared, who understood, and my experience and mindset was transformed. I felt I had the wind at my back, and I could continue in pursuit of my dream. And I'm so glad I did, as I now am proud to have earned the name, Mom," shared a former SGF patient.

In addition, SGF offers emotional support articles and blogs to help patients through some of the hardest parts of infertility including miscarriage, the impact fertility has on a person's romantic relationships as well as friendships, and managing emotions during the infertility process. SGF encourages their patients to establish a support network by tapping into the practice's resources.

"Seeking (and accepting) support is like weaving a safety net for yourself; the more connections or stands of support you have the stronger your net becomes, and the greater the likelihood of being able to move forward with treatment despite obstacles that may stand in the way," says Covington.

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RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a national nonprofit patient advocacy organization. One in eight U.S. couples of childbearing age has trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. Founded in 1974, RESOLVE provides free support groups in more than 200 communities; is the leading patient advocacy voice; and serves as the go-to organization for anyone challenged in their family building. For more information, visit


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