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ExoCoBio Named One of Top 4 Most Richly Funded Exosome Startups by Bioinformant

ExoCoBio Inc., a global biotech startup in Exosome field is getting worldwide attention with its excellent technology and feasibility.

ExoCoBio Inc. has been named one of 'Top 4 Most Richly Funded Exosome Startups' uncased by 'Bioinformant' which is a global market research company specialized in stem cell.

'Exosome' is a nanometer size vesicle that different materials such as nucleic acid, protein, lipids, and low molecular substance in a cell. Exosome drew attention in the pharmaceutical/bio market as the fact that various materials are nested in exosome depending on types of cell being revealed.

Besides ExoCoBio Inc., Codiak Biosciences (USA), a developer of anticancer medicine based on exosome, Exosome Diagnostics (USA), a diagnosis company using nucleic acid material in exosome, and Evox Therapeutics (UK), a developer of cardiac medicine originated from exosome are included in the list of 'Top 4 most richly- Funded Exosome Startups' by Bioinformant.

ExoCoBio Inc. succeeded in series A investment totaling KRW 12.5 billion only in about 100 days from its foundation in last April. Following this, they presented a thesis to confirm the stem cell exosome's feasibility in atopic dermatitis improvement and successfully completed Series B investment of KRW 30 billion in September. It ranks 1st track record in Korea and 3rd in World investment performance.

Moreover, August 2018, ExoCoBio Inc. launched derma-cosmetic brand 'Celltweet' which contains ASC-EXOSOMEâ„¢, an ingredient applied for a patent. 'Celltweet' is a compound word of 'cell' and 'tweet' meaning exosome, neurotransmitter between cells, resolves various skin stresses quickly.

'Celltweet EX Signal Control line 3-set' used safe and mild enough ingredients to be applied on sensitive skin without causing troubles. It has also proved effective in relieving itchy skin to 90%, enhancing skin moisturizing power to 70% when used with moisturizer and cream combined through human body application test.

One ExoCoBio Inc. official revealed strong ambitions saying, "We will do our best in positioning ExoCoBio Inc. as the first leading company in the world that develops the exosome related products as exosome elements attract worldwide attention."

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Last Updated: 31-Oct-2018