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Is Plastic Surgery the next Private Equity target? Viper Equity Partners of Palm Beach says YES!

Is Plastic Surgery the next Private Equity target? Viper Equity Partners of Palm Beach says YES!

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MIAMI, Oct. 31, 2018

MIAMI, Oct. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This is happening, it is going to be big and we are out in front of it. Those are the words of Dave Branch, Partner at Viper Equity Partners of Palm Beach, an industry leading consulting firm that works with helping medical practices grow through credit facilities, acquisitions and Private Equity. For over a year they have aligned themselves with marquis Plastic Surgery offices in the Mid-West, New York and South Florida. Their goal was to create the foundation for 3 geographically friendly verticals for when the PE world turned to the inevitable plastic surgery business. Viper says that time has come. "My brand has become mainstream and we are ready for national expansion," stated Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg ,a nationally recognized plastic surgeon in New York and a Viper client.

Plastic Surgery has become something of a phenomenon over the past 5 years. People have embraced the fact that they are going to live into their late 80's and 90's so a quick tune up and rounds of Botox to carry you through the golden years is not enough anymore. Plastic surgery has become part of the aging process and you know what, it feels good! It also has become socially acceptable and is equally popular today among men. The injectable market and stem cell advancements have given way to less surgery and more non-invasive procedures that cost far less and take minutes not hours.

From an investment standpoint, this market is attractive. Many Private Equity firms that own dermatology platforms see the overlap of the two business models. "We have plastic surgeons in our group that have hired a dermatologist and the crossover in patient care is amazing," stated Dave Branch of Viper. "The bottom line is that the plastic surgeons have a highly profitable business that is built for scale, is easy to roll up and are branding machines," stated Branch. He went on to explain that plastic surgeons are very business savvy, entrepreneurial and love growth. "Our offices have watched what's happened with Dermatology and Dental and they want their shot, they want to be part of something big," stated Branch.

Viper is presently courting PE Firms interested in the space. Branch further explained that plastic surgeons work very well together and establish progressive office cultures. He boasts about their adaptability and patient care. With individual offices producing 15 million in gross revenues and an impressive 7 Million-dollar EBITDA it's no wonder Viper is carrying the flag. "I contracted with Viper because they get it, they believe in our passion for patient care and see the huge opportunity for growth," stated Dr. Michael Fiorillo, New York Celebrity Plastic Surgeon and veteran of the hit TV show, The Doctors. Well it seems obvious that the plastic surgery business is about to take off. "I know that this is going to be a large growth area for private equity over the next several years. Plastic Surgery flourishes in economic down cycles and when blended in with dermatology it gains a steady referral source and insurance-based support," stated Branch.

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