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Sands Point NY Podiatrist William Levine Offers Solution To Heel Pain

Sands Point NY Podiatrist William Levine Offers Solution To Heel Pain

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SANDS POINT, N.Y., Oct. 31, 2018

SANDS POINT, N.Y., Oct. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Metatarsalgia, a condition whose symptoms include pain in the heel of your foot occurs when the normal fat pads beneath our foot become sore or inflamed. In the United States alone, close to a million people visit their podiatrist complaining of heel pain and most of these patients happen to be athletes and women who wear high heels. Wearing high heels tend to exert extra pressure on these natural foot pads pushing them out of position thus compromising the cushioning system in the foot. These natural pads also wear out with time as we age. Pain from this condition can be chronic and debilitating as to affect the quality of an individual's life.

Though there are many ways of treating the problem such as the use of anti-inflammatory pills and orthotic arch supports, some of them aren't effective in eliminating the problem altogether. Radiofrequency nerve ablation, commonly known as the RF procedure, is the best option for patients seeking long-term results for stubborn heel pain. Dr. William Levine is quite familiar with the method and has done it for many years with great results. The procedure is not only safe and effective, but it's also minimally invasive in that there's little downtime and only mild pain afterward.  The results are almost instantaneous, and most patients can walk a few minutes after the procedure.

The method entails placing monofilaments at the point of pain in the foot. The filaments are connected to a device that transmits RF waves, which numb the nerves in the sore area. By numbing the nerves, the communication pathway between the brain and the sore heel is cut off thus stopping the pain. In the past, RF procedures have been used to treat joint pain and spine pain successfully. Pulse radiofrequency is another method that works by sending pulses to cool down the sore tissue. Dr. William Levine is one of a few accredited podiatrists in Sands Point New York capable of offering this treatment option.  .

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Doctor Levine is one of the most celebrated podiatrists and has a great passion for sports medicine. Having forged a successful career in sports medicine, doctor Levine's expertise has aided the recovery of many elite patients. Schedule an appointment, call Dr. William Levine Sands Point New York at 646-401-4134.

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