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Guaranteed Savings on Hospice Medications, Now Offered by Delta Care Rx, is a Timely Prescription for End-of-Life Care Providers Nationwide

Guaranteed Savings on Hospice Medications, Now Offered by Delta Care Rx, is a Timely Prescription for End-of-Life Care Providers Nationwide Delta Care Rx, the nationwide leader in hospice pharmacy innovation, has focused on fair medication prices for the hospice industry for years with their "Hospice Taper ©" medication pricing model. But now - Delta Care Rx has added guaranteed savings and they are willing to write the savings into a contract!

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PITTSBURGH, Nov. 5, 2018

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Most hospices today, regardless of size, are struggling with medication costs that often have a very artificially inflated price tag. Delta Care Rx has been successful in pioneering cost effective, transparent, and pass-through procurement models as an answer to such and their newest offering builds off of their proven solutions of the past. Labeled, "Hospice Taper GUARANTEED ©," the company looks to pave a way forward for relationships with prospect clients seeking guaranteed future savings on prescription purchases.

"It's frightening to think that medications for hospice patients cost so much more than what non-hospice patients pay for the exact same drug and exact same quantity. " That's the message Drew Mihalyo, PharmD, President and COO, has been echoing for most of his professional career and it's one of a few reasons why his company, Delta Care Rx, is the fastest growing hospice pharmacy provider in the country.

"There's a transparency issue going on within the hospice pharmacy space, specifically with respect to generic drug costs, that makes you cringe far worse than you do when reading some of the other prescription pricing headlines making national news lately. My team and I see it every day when conducting comprehensive price comparisons for prospective clients."

The Pittsburgh area based pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and Rx mail order provider is a sponsor of the upcoming NHPCO Interdisciplinary Conference in New Orleans, LA, taking place early this November. The event is the official kick-off for their "Hospice Taper GUARANTEED ©" Rx savings program that Mihalyo eluded to as "the best means by which Delta Care Rx can help hospice leaders feel more comfortable about transitioning to a very non-traditional dug purchasing model that eliminates $2-$3.50 per patient day (PPD) in prescription costs on average overnight."

Delta Care Rx invites hospice administrators everywhere to "turn the dial" and use their new website tool (at that allows the user to quickly submit basic information about what percent of prescription drug spend savings they'd need to be guaranteed in order to make the switch to Delta Care Rx.

Mihalyo finished by saying, "With ten years of experience providing "Hospice Taper©" pricing, we're now more confident than ever in the power of our unique and unrivaled program. We are willing to share financial risk in order to illustrate to clients just how certain we are of their financial benefit through the Hospice Taper GUARANTEED © product.


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