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Atolla Launches Campaign to Crowdfund Personalized Skincare, Powered by Machine Learning

Atolla Launches Campaign to Crowdfund Personalized Skincare, Powered by Machine Learning The monthly subscription kit helps users achieve better skin health by pinpointing the cause of their skin issue and giving them a personalized solution.

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NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2018

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, MIT-born startup Atolla launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Atolla Skincare System. The monthly subscription kit includes at home skin analysis tools for measuring oil, moisture, and pH levels and a customized serum, created uniquely for the user. Atolla's proprietary algorithm formulates the serum to combat a user's specific skin issues (such as irritation, dryness, oiliness and more) and fit their current environment, lifestyle and routine. The skin analysis takes only 10 minutes and requires nothing be sent back. The Atolla Skincare System starts at $20 USD per month on Kickstarter.

Co-founders Meghan Maupin and Sid Salvi started Atolla because of their experience struggling to fix a skin issue and coming up empty-handed. They realized the best solution to this problem was the bridging of skin science and data science. Together with founding team member and dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch, Atolla developed the way to comprehensively understand a person's skin based on quantifiable data and an automated feedback loop. They have built a proprietary model for skin changes that can determine the right product for a person, and adapt it precisely based on the person's progress.

"We're applying the scientific method to skincare," said CEO Meghan Maupin. "Our goal is to understand skin from the inside out and make adaptive skincare by predicting what works." Atolla's patent-pending machine-learning algorithms map people's skin attributes to the ingredients that will be most effective for them. They are able to detect patterns and identify which exact factors negatively or positively impact an individual's skin health.

"It's 2018. We use data to inform all our important decisions, so why not for taking care of our skin?" asked COO Sid Salvi. Atolla's skin analysis method is simple and accessible: users open the app, take a short intake survey on their skin history and lifestyle, snap some selfies, and test their oil, moisture, and pH levels with the provided tools. A custom serum is formulated and delivered to the user within two weeks, beginning a long-term relationship to help each user continuously improve their skin. The user tracks their results and provides feedback through the Atolla Skin Health app. Each month's formulation is adjusted based on the prior month's measurements and feedback to give them the best skincare solution, no matter the situation.

CSO Dr. Ranella Hirsch added: "There are a plethora of marvelous ingredients for the many skin concerns that exist. Until now, the missing link has been getting the precise ingredients into the hands of the consumer at the exact time to deliver maximum efficacy. Now with the Atolla System, we have a cost-efficient way to match knowledge and data to the user right when they need it most. This will open the door to a skincare revolution."

After piloting the Skin Lab with over 500 beta users in NYC this summer, Atolla is going from in-store to in-home. Quarterly, half year, full-year and bundled subscriptions of the Atolla Skincare System are available. For full information on pledge levels, please visit the Kickstarter campaign. Early backers will get access to the Atolla Skin Health app in January 2019, get Skin Analysis Kits in February 2019, and start receiving their customized serum in late March/early April 2019.

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About Atolla

Meghan Maupin (CEO): Meghan is a graduate of MIT's Integrated Design and Management Program, where she wrote her thesis on the "Social and Environmental Impact of the Skincare Industry." She has a background in architecture and UX Design, with focus on making technology accessible to everyday users at companies like Formlabs, Patagonia, and the MIT Design Lab. As the Creative Lead at Formlabs, she worked on the launch of multiple products for mass customization in 3D printing, including: Biocompatible, Tough, and Flexible Resin and the Form 2.

Sid Salvi (COO): Sid is a retail data scientist. Most recently, he was at MIT Sloan pursuing an MBA with a focus on analytics before deciding to work on Atolla full-time after his first year. Before MIT, he worked at Kurt Salmon (now part of Accenture Strategy) helping retailers and brands incorporate predictive analytics into their operations and at Marketing Management Analytics building marketing optimization models for large CPG brands. He has a BA in Economics and Sociology from Amherst College.

Dr. Ranella Hirsch (CSO): Called an "Expert Derm" by Allure and a "Beauty Guru" by Marie Claire, Dr. Ranella Hirsch is a frequently quoted expert in Cosmetic Dermatology. Trained at Yale New Haven Hospital, SUNY and the Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Hirsch is the Past President of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery (2008-9), the youngest person to hold elected leadership of a major dermatology society. Because of her unique expertise in skin care development, Dr. Hirsch is highly sought after as an expert for both legacy and startup brands. As Dove's Global Partner Dermatologist, she is a co-creator of the Dove DermaSeries premium range and was the Vichy USA Dermatology Partner for their US launch and rollout.



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