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Drug Rehab Services Cautions Canadians About Legal Marijuana and Provides New Information for Parents and those Impacted by the Legalization

Drug Rehab Services Cautions Canadians About Legal Marijuana and Provides New Information for Parents and those Impacted by the Legalization Marijuana is legal but still dangerous, the current information will keep people informed of the danger of marijuana use.

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MONTREAL, Nov. 13, 2018

MONTREAL, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Drug Rehab Services is cautioning Canadians that there will still be risks associated with legal marijuana and the new information they are providing will help keep Canadians informed of those risks. Drug Rehab Services has released current and up-to-date information about the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, how it impacts those who are vulnerable, what the risks are, and how it affects Canadians across the country. "We want to ensure people are aware that there are still inherent risks associated with using marijuana, despite it being legal," said Marcel Gemme, owner of Drug Rehab Services.

New content on the website go over how marijuana cause's anxiety and can force people to smoke more marijuana. There is information about how marijuana effects testosterone, and how food-related behaviors and disorders are connected to marijuana use. "Simply because marijuana is now legal, there may be a misconception that it is ok to use, and these potential dangers don't exist anymore for recreational marijuana users," said Marcel. The new information on is cautioning Canadians that marijuana smoke will leave behind carcinogenic toxins in the lungs, and explains how marijuana impacts the neurotransmitters in the brain, which could directly affect a person's motivation. The new content offers an in-depth look into every province's and territories laws with legal marijuana, what it is, and how it affects those living in the province and territory.

"We are taking extra steps to ensure our counsellors are prepared to help those who are struggling with an addiction to marijuana, and provide parents with the information they need to speak to their children about marijuana," stated Marcel. Drug Rehab Services provides a directory listing of all the drug treatment services operating in each province and territory within the country. The new information talking about legal marijuana will also lead those people who are looking for help to these directories of treatment services in the country. Drug Rehab Services has stated that they are prepared to see more people asking for help with marijuana dependency and addiction, and more parents reaching out for help regarding their teens who may be using marijuana. "We will continue to update the content on the website, and ensure all information about legal marijuana and its effects are current, for all Canadians to access," said Marcel Gemme.


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Last Updated: 13-Nov-2018