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Julia Loggins, Author of "It Takes Guts to Be Happy," Launches 2019 New Product Line for a Happy Holiday Gut

Julia Loggins, Author of "It Takes Guts to Be Happy," Launches 2019 New Product Line for a Happy Holiday Gut Do the holidays spell stomach trouble for you? If so, Author & Digestive Health Expert Julia Loggins offers energetic support for your gut to quell holiday food hangovers--with smart resources such as her new Cleansing for Energy Product Line, 2019 Happy Gut Courses, and her famous 'It Takes Guts ... Blog."

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2018

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Digestive Health Expert Julia Loggins' Top 5 Tips for a "Happy Gut" this Holiday Season

Who can resist the temptations of sweet, rich, creamy taste delights like grandma's giblet dressing and pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream during the holidays? Almost no one! Unfortunately, these continuous yummy food enticements can leave us with a food hangover lasting for weeks—or even months! (Not to mention an extra 5-10 pounds.)

With the holidays on the horizon, some of us are looking for tips to avoid that overindulgence in food that accompanies our holiday celebrations. Many of us will not be able to resist the wonderful, tasty, comfort food everywhere starting with Thanksgiving, and through the New Year, that may leave us with a bad Food Hangover lasting for weeks--or even months.

But First—What is a Food Hangover?

Whether you are addicted to certain foods or not, at least 50% of us experience food hangovers, gas, or stomach discomfort sometime during the holidays. After a bout of wonderful holiday celebrating and feasting you may be experiencing food hangovers with the following symptoms: Bloating, Gas and Heartburn, Constipation, Headaches, Swollen ankles and lymph glands, acid reflux, Puffy face & eyes, blood sugar spikes & crashes, Increased chance of migraines, and metabolism that shows to a Halt!


Traditionally, we view holidays as the time when we feast with abandon…but Julia Loggins has discovered that conversely, now people want to feel good AND celebrate…not choose between one or the other!
JULIA LOGGINS Products are designed to optimize, and comfort digestive & gut health and wellness, and minimize or calm the symptoms listed above. Julia Loggins, author & educator, created these products from the wisdom and experience of her 35 year career as a Digestive Health Expert. Her goal was to offer the safest, healthiest and most accessible products specifically designed for gut & brain health.

Holiday Food Hangover #1 Tip—Simple Enzymes

ENZYME ENERGY is the perfect food enzyme to digest protein and complex carbohydrates. It contains hydrochloric acid, or HCL. Naturally produced in the stomach, it is the enzyme that breaks down protein in our stomachs. However, research shows that 70% of the population over 40 does not make enough HCL to digest food! And my experience in working with teens and young adults is that, due to stress, they don't either. Stress stops the body from producing enzymes! Without them, food may rot in our stomach, leading to acid reflux, fatigue, blood sugar crashes, constipation, headaches, allergies and more serious diseases. During the holidays, ENZYME ENERGY is a natural defense against food hangovers and all the symptoms that accompany it! All of the natural supplements list the exact ingredients on each item in the Cleansing for Energy shop.

Holiday Food Hangover #2 Tip-Gut Cleanse

THE HAPPY GUT CLEANSE is a gentle and natural combination of herbs that encourage motility, reduces constipation, gas and bloating and increases regularity. Do you know that the colon can hold 5-20 pounds of waste? Perhaps that is why some with gut problems may feel bloated or look pregnant. The Happy Gut Cleanse helps move these toxins from the body without the inflammatory effects of irritating herbs like cascara sagrada and senna, the common ingredients in over-the-counter laxatives. It improves immune function and supports the liver. The Happy Gut Cleanse is a life-saver during the holidays!

Holiday Food Hangover #3 Tip—Energy Supplement, Launches Nov 1, 2018

ALL DAY ENERGY is a creamy, delicious sugar-free, dairy & gluten-free, stevia-free vegan protein powder that is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes. DIGESTIBLE PROTEIN is key to speeding up the metabolism, boosting energy, promoting weight loss and stabilizing and elevating moods! Protein is the antidote for sugar and carb cravings, and ALL DAY ENERGY during the holidays will reduce that cookie and pie binging that so many struggle with. Tempting donuts and goodies at the office are so much easier to resist when the body is satiated with solid nutrition. It's not all about will power! ALL DAY ENERGY comes in chocolate and vanilla.

Holiday Food Hangover #4 Tip—Protein Boost-Launches November 10, 2018

PROTEIN POWER: Packed with 26 grams of protein, (same amount as an entire meal), this protein supplement is 1/4 the calories and 10X the nutrients than most others! A sugar-free, dairy & gluten-free monk fruit sweetened vegan protein powder, PROTEIN POWER is the perfect meal replacement, afternoon pick-me-up or late-night snack. Monk fruit has a zero glycemic index, and does not have the metal taste of stevia! Delicious with water, or water and ice, you do not need another thing to create a yummy energy boost that will keep you going all day!

Holiday Food Hangover #5 Tip—Fungus & Yeast Overgrowth-Launches December 1, 2018

YEAST BE GONE: This is an effective blend of essential oils, herbs and sodium caprylate, a derivative of caprylic acid, which restores and maintains the balance in gastrointestinal flora, a primary component of gut health. When the GI flora is unbalanced, a condition called Candida occurs, which is an overgrowth of yeast. Any woman who has dealt with a yeast infection knows how uncomfortable they are! Sugar, antibiotics and stress all set the stage for Candida...and the holidays are a prime time for this to occur. Over the counter medications are messy, and some have side effects. Yeast Be Gone Cleanse is an easy-to-take formula that no woman wants to be without during the holidays!


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