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Meridian Chiropractor Opens State-of-the-Art Integrated Stem Cell Therapy Clinic

Meridian Chiropractor Opens State-of-the-Art Integrated Stem Cell Therapy Clinic After nearly a decade of serving the Treasure Valley, Align Chiropractic is now Align Integrated Medical.

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MERIDIAN, Idaho, Nov. 15, 2018

MERIDIAN, Idaho, Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A new integrated clinic in Idaho is creating quite a stir with a breakthrough solution for people struggling with back pain, neck pain, and other types of joint pain.

Until recently most people have felt that their only option for these types of problems was either drugs or surgery. Dr. Chad Woolner, owner and Chiropractor in Meridian first began Align Chiropractic nearly 10 years ago. What he found was that even though he was able to help people, he realized that a team approach was the best approach.

This is what what prompted him to create Align Integrated Medical. Now their team consists of a Medical Director, Dr. Brian Moss, Chiropractic physicians, Dr. Chad Woolner and Dr. Buddy Allen and a Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Robyn Develle. Each of them bringing their unique expertise and skillset to the clinic.

At Align you'll find a team of doctors working together for every patient. Through a unique combination of regenerative, physical and functional medicine along with chiropractic and rehab, they're able to provide patients with a powerful alternative to the drugs and surgery that so many feel they must turn to. Dr. Woolner says "this is the clinical model of the future. Instead of feeling like you have to choose between the medical approach or some alternative, you now have the option of choosing an integrated, team approach. We believe we can provide patients with a far superior option."

One of the most exciting aspects of this new integrated model is the use of Stem Cell therapy as an alternative to pain medications and joint surgery. Dr. Brian Moss brings an entirely new set of skills and tools to the team through this powerful breakt hrough treatment. Dr. Moss believes that through Stem Cell Therapy many patients will be able to find not only relief from their joint pain, but also a significant improvement in overall function as well. Up until recently, this procedure was only available to a small, select handful of people who had the access and financial resources. Stem Cell therapy has now become more widespread and economically feasible for most people. Stem Cell therapy is proving to be an incredible solution for people suffering from joint pain.

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Last Updated: 16-Nov-2018