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Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Nanocrystals & Nanocarriers Market Estimates & Forecasts - Global Strategic Business Report 2018 -

The "Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2024. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery in US$ Million.

The Global Market is further analyzed by the following Delivery Technologies:

  • Nanocrystals
  • Nanocarriers

The report profiles 43 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • AbbVie Inc.
  • Aquanova AG
  • BlueWillow Biologics
  • Camurus AB
  • Celgene, Inc.
  • Ceramisphere Health Pty Limited
  • Cristal Therapeutics
  • EnColl Corporation
  • EyePoint Pharmaceuticals
  • Lena Nanoceutics Ltd.
  • NanOlogy LLC
  • NanoCarrier Co., Ltd.
  • Nanobiotix
  • Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc
  • Parvus Therapeutics Inc.
  • Selecta Biosciences
  • Starpharma Holdings Limited
  • Taiwan Liposome Co.
  • Tarveda Therapeutics

Key Topics Covered:



Nanotechnology, A Critical Part of Healthcare Reform

Nanomedicine, Revolutionizing the Basics of Medicine

A Peek Into the Evolving Role of Nanoparticles in Nanomedicine

Nanocrystals Continue to Gain Momentum as Alternatives to Traditional Nanocarriers

Nanocarriers Enable Targeted Drug Delivery Systems to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes

Advanced Liposomes Enable Low Soluble Drugs to Achieve Targeted Delivery

List of Marketed Liposome-Based Clinical Products Classified by Therapeutic Areas

Multifunctional Dendrimers Present an Ideal Structure for Targeted Drug Delivery

List of Commercially Available Dendrimeric Products by Application Area

High Drug Loading Capacity of PAMAM Dendrimers Bodes Well for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems

Nanotechnology-Based Strategies for siRNA Grows in Popularity

NEM Devices as Drug Delivery Vehicles

Nanotechnology - In Pursuit of Co-Delivery of Drugs

Nanoemulsions Begin to Make a Mark

Growing Need for Alternative Approaches to Conventional Chemotherapy Creates Opportunities for Nanoparticles

Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Micelles Promise Enhanced Therapeutic Effect for Hydrophobic Anticancer Drugs

Inorganic Nanocarriers Facilitate High Payload Capacity and Co-Delivery Platforms for MDR Cancer Therapy

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Provide Increased Physical Stability in Targeted Drug Delivery

Pulmonary Delivery of Nanoparticle-Based Drugs Receives Increased Interest

Inhalable Liposome Formulations Attract Research Interest in Pulmonary Delivery

SLNs in Pulmonary Delivery of Drugs

Other Nanocarriers in Pulmonary Delivery

Nanotechnology Finds Increasing Role in Fighting Infectious Diseases

List of Select Nanotechnology-based Antimicrobial Drugs in Clinical Use

Nanotechnology Opening New Avenues in Antiretroviral Therapy

Demonstrated Activity of Select Nanotechnology-Delivered Antiretroviral Therapies

Nanotechnology in Delivery of CNS Therapeutics

Increasing Environmental and Health Concerns

Limited Success and Scaling Up Issues Pose a Major Hurdle to Further Advancement

Higher Concentration of Research in Academia limits Commercialization

Collaborations Assume Importance

Nanomedicine Regulation


Defining Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine

Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

Applications of Nanoparticles in Drug Delivery

Nanotechnology-Based Drug Delivery Technologies by Segment



Nanostructures in Drug Delivery

Features of a Rational Nanocarrier

List of Select Nanomaterials Being Studied or Developed for Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery Technologies, Forms and Materials

Overview of Select Major Nanocarriers

Comparison of Key Attributes of Select Major Nanocarriers


Polymeric Nanoparticles


List of Select Drugs Demonstrated for Efficacious Dendrimer-based Delivery

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs)


List of Select Drugs Demonstrated for Efficacious Nanotube-based Delivery

Polymeric Micelles



Nanostructure Synthesis

Top-Down Approach

Bottom-Up Approach

Requisites for Optimal Nanoparticle Design

Size and Surface Charge of the Nanoparticle

PEGylation and Ligand Functionalization

A Review of Select Nanotechnology-Based Delivery Systems in Anti-Cancer Therapies

Albumin - A Key Delivery Vehicle

Micellar Nanoparticle Formulation of Paclitaxel

Liposomal Formulation of Anti-Cancer Therapies

Dendrimers Finding Extending Use in Nanoparticle-based Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery

Polymeric Micelles in Cancer Drug Delivery

List of Select Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems and Uses in Cancer Therapies


4.1 Focus on Select Players

4.2 Recent Industry Activity

Alkermes' NDA for ALNCD to Seek Approval from FDA

NanoBio Changes Name to BlueWillow Biologics

pSivida Acquires Icon Bioscience and Rebrand as EyePoint Pharmaceuticals

Ceramisphere Announces Spin-Off of its Ceramisphere Health

NanOlogy Launches Trials Evaluating its Nanoparticle Suspension

NanoCarrier Collaborates with JCR Pharmaceuticals for Drug Delivery

DFB Pharmaceuticals Collaborates with CritiTech and US Biotest and forms NanOlogy

Flamel Merges with Avadel




Total Companies Profiled: 43 The United States (19)

  • Canada (1)
  • Japan (2)
  • Europe (14)
    • France (3)
    • Germany (2)
    • The United Kingdom (4)
    • Rest of Europe (5)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (7)

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