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Groundbreaking Research Just Released By OLEO, Inc. Demonstrates Superior Bioaccessibility Of OleoCBD™ Via Human Gastrointestinal Model

SEATTLE, Nov. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

A 'first' as far as CBD bioaccessibility research goes, using the same scientifically proven method many pharmaceutical companies use, the TIM-1 test is a dynamic model of the upper gastrointestinal tract simulating fasted state conditions. Results from the study indicate OLEO Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBDTM) to be more potent than typical CBD products.

First study to accurately measure oral cannabidiol absorption through a test machine mimicking the human digestive system.

Typical CBD has naturally low bioavailability (fraction of the total substance that is potentially available for absorption), therefore people are not getting as much CBD as they may think when consuming typical CBD products.

This TIM-1 study shows OLEO to be 4-5x more easily absorbed, or bioaccessible, when measured over the initial 2 hour period after consumption. OLEO's bioaccessibility was seen to be 2x greater when measured over the full digestive tract.

OLEO in collaboration with Triskelion Research, a globally accredited pharmaceutical and food testing laboratory, utilizes the TIM-1 testing model to prove that each milligram of Micro-Encapsulated OleoCBDTM is 4-5x more potent than typical CBD when measured over the initial two hour period after consumption. OLEO, a powdered CBD drink mix company leading the industry for highly potent water-soluble CBD products to better serve the active lifestyle community, releases their first-of-its-kind study for CBD dietary supplements this week. Mimicking the human digestive tract via the TIM-1 test machine, OLEO can now shed scientific light on how various forms of CBD are absorbed into the body and help consumers better understand what CBD products should be considered for various wellness use cases.

View OleoCBD™ Bioaccessibility Study by Triskelion Here

This study specifically benefits athletic communities turning to CBD as part of their fitness routines. It proves athletes will more readily absorb their desired dose of CBD from a product such as OLEO's Original Mix, Coconut Mix, or Rooibos Tea Mix due to OLEO's higher bioaccessibility rate when compared to typical non-water-soluble CBD isolate products.

The body absorbs less than 7% of CBD in its typical state due to its naturally low bioaccessibility. OleoCBDTM's water-solubility and particle size of less than 10 microns allows the Micro-Encapsulated powder to result in the '4-5x more bioaccessible' study finding. Potency is inferred based upon the bioaccessibility comparison between a control of 99.6% pure CBD isolate and a variable consisting of Micro-Encapsulated OleoCBDTM powder made from that same isolate. When measured over the full course of the digestive tract (~5 hours) OLEO is 2x more potent; i.e. OLEO products absorb better, faster and still have greater bioaccessibility over long-term observation.

"We are committed to creating products that empower our customers. A critical part of that mission is conducting this type of elevated research for people to feel confident and educated when supplementing with CBD. OLEO company research efforts are undertaken in a manner that meets scientific standards for peer review and to further influence this industry in a positive direction," stated Skyler Bissell, OLEO CEO.

OLEO's motivation for this study measuring digested CBD in various states, comes from their desire to help people reach their fullest physical potential through hard work and dietary supplementation.

About OLEO

OLEO, Inc. is a dietary supplement company thoughtfully designing great-tasting, potent, water-soluble CBD products to help people enjoy life at their fullest physical potential. OLEO offers a collection of powdered drink mixes infused with their active ingredient OleoCBD™. "About OLEO" Continued Here | Media Contact: Brittany J. Confer, 814.244.0653, | @OLEOlife

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Last Updated: 20-Nov-2018