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IQcentRx Launches to Boost Pharma Sales Productivity

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- IQcentRx, LLC, a technology company focused on sales force integration and market insights, today announced the introduction of Call-IQ, a sales force alert system that informs and streamlines conversations between pharmaceutical reps and the doctors they call on.

Call-IQ draws on a continually-refreshed body of evidence about doctors' searches, interactions and educational choices to produce immediate insights into their preferences, knowledge and prescribing habits. IQcentRx CCO Erik Dalton said, "This finally cracks the code of why doctors do what they do, and offers the field force specific wisdom that will satisfy the physician's needs and make the reps' calls more useful and productive."

With limited (or no) access, increased competition, a plethora of platforms, and a mountain of data to sort through, getting cozy with what HCPs are thinking – and what will instill trust and provoke action – is what every healthcare company is looking for. The advancement offered by Call-IQ is that its data sets are more behavioral, and not just Rx-specific.

"In place of standard marketing messages, Call-IQ gives reps facts to help them tailor their questions and answers to HCP's specific concerns," said Dalton. "It's one thing to know that an HCP wrote a new script. It's quite another to know why.

"As a result, Call-IQ cuts way down on wasted calls, and even helps with 'no-see' docs who resist meetings with reps, but are open to pertinent breaking information. Call-IQ can be sent via email/text message, downloaded to an app on the rep's phone and even integrated within their personalized CRM system. The service provides information down to the individual doctor level."

IQcentRx has received significant interest from brand directors and national sales directors at pharma companies, and has already compiled various case studies based on the last 6 months of specific pharma pilots, all of whom have extended the service for a full year.

IQcentRx believes that its products, using very high technology on the back of a robust database, and using machine learning capabilities, will increase market intelligence and lead to faster, better-informed sales cycles and marketing activities.

About IQcentRx 
IQcentRx serves the goals of sales forces by combining marketing and sales efforts with innovative strategies and services that leverage HCP data points as well as behavioral insights to provide a cohesive experience for physician partners across all non-personal and personal touchpoints. It offers a sophisticated expertise in behavioral analytics, strategies for sales force enhancement, and on-target insights into messaging and execution, all based on deep physician profiles. It assesses and delivers the information companies need, and converts that raw material into the right messaging to the right audience on the right channels. This adds up to unequaled ROI metrics. Visit IQcentRx to learn more.

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Last Updated: 20-Nov-2018