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Ladies Meet on LinkedIn & Share a Lasting Legacy of Gratitude on Behalf of The Josh Powell Foundation

Ladies Meet on LinkedIn & Share a Lasting Legacy of Gratitude on Behalf of The Josh Powell Foundation LinkedIn Connection Spurs Travel Across the Country for Cancer Fundraiser for New Found Friend

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 21, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Social media has its inherent flaws, but the power of connecting people across the globe cannot be ignored.

At last count, following the Cambridge Analytica debacle, Facebook is still social media's leading player with over two billion monthly active users. Instagram now has 800 million users, and Snapchat boasts 186 million daily active users. Twitter is holding strong at 336 million monthly active users worldwide. LinkedIn, considered to be the professional networking platform, brings 500 million users together, with an impressive two million pieces of content produced daily.

Whether you truly have a passion for social media or choose to look at each platform as "picking your poison", each channel clearly has the power to connect and unite.

Case in point, Amy Perkins, 46-year-old wife and mother of two from Sacramento, California, who suffered a devastating loss of her best friend to cancer in 2016. Perkins is a LinkedIn video influencer who now honors the passing of her friend by inviting followers into her kitchen to share daily inspirational videos about business - and life - and how to make the most of what life hands you.

Fabi Powell, a 31-year-old LinkedIn aficionado, half way across the US (in Nashville, Tennessee), lost her young husband to cancer just two short years ago as well.

As fate would have it, Amy Perkin's stumbled across a video on LinkedIn about Fabi Powell's loss and reached out to connect. The two became fast friends.

Powell's husband,1LT William Joshua Powell, was a military veteran, whose life was cut short by synovial sarcoma cancer in December of 2016, at the young age of 27. His resilient widow founded The Josh Powell Foundation (JPF), a non-profit which helps newly diagnosed sarcoma patients by providing them with encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to "keep going". Sarcoma patients receive a "Powell Pack" filled with motivational functional items, that include a journal, water bottle, wristband, inspirational stickers, Josh's "Keep Going Statement", and much more.

"Josh was so strong through his battle, and it's a beautiful thing to see his memory live on and his strong spirit continue to inspire others through the distribution of the Powell Packs," said Fabi Powell, founder of The Josh Powell Foundation. "Our mission is to empower the minds of newly diagnosed cancer patients while leaving a lasting legacy of my late husband Josh."

Amy Perkins quickly enlisted her local network of super women in Sacramento California, to spearhead a fundraiser to benefit The Josh Powell Foundation, including her dear friend and LinkedIn cohort, Dr. Joelle Speed, Mindy Mohlenbrok, and Monica Nickel.

Fast forward four months from "connecting", Amy Perkin's and Fabi Powell, as well as several other LinkedIn enthusiasts, travelled across the country to meet––for the first time––in Perkins infamous kitchen. All of these women shared meaningful moments of joy, hope, and a mighty message of community and collaboration.

Entrepreneurs Joy McAdams and Cindy Metzler also learned of the Powell's love story on LinkedIn; they were so moved by the connection of Amy and Fabi, that they too independently flew across the county to play a part. Another LinkedIn member (the only male in attendance), flew in from Las Vegas to livestream the event at no cost, so that hundreds of LinkedIn viewers worldwide could witness the magic of women empowering women in support of The Josh Powel Foundation.

LinkedIn should not only be credited for bringing together these two women who share a bond of profound loss and a journey of hope, but also the fact that nearly 100 women gathered in Sacramento, California, who would have never met had it not been for these two connecting. Plus, there was a global LinkedIn audience of hundreds who tuned in to watch the livestream.

Next up, these women will be collaborating on a celebrity golf tournament in September––across the country––in Florida to benefit The Josh Powell Foundation; details to come.

LinkedIn took a chance connection of two women, and soon created a community of real life collaboration and connection that spans far beyond digital likes and comments.

"These friendships we've cultivated as a result of LinkedIn are so authentic," said Amy Perkins, founder of Keys to Courage. "I will forever have gratitude for bringing us all together."

About The Josh Powell Foundation
The Josh Powell Foundation was founded in honor of 1LT William Joshua Powell by his loving wife, Fabi. At 25 years old, Josh was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called synovial sarcoma in his lower abdomen. This cancer took his life two years and 25 days later, just one month after he married the love of his life.

Fabi Powell has made it her mission to create a legacy in honor of Josh using his story and vision to motivate and encourage others battling sarcoma cancer to be open about their battle, fight their fight, and Keep Going despite the odds stacked against them. This mindset creates a ripple effect, allowing the positive outlook of those facing adversity to continue to inspire others through their own personal battle. Inspiring the world, one battle at a time. For more information, visit



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