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Prepare yourself for the winter cold and flu season with Guna's 'Breathe Easy'

Prepare yourself for the winter cold and flu season with Guna's 'Breathe Easy'

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 21, 2018

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Guna Nutraceuticals, an Italian leader in natural and homeopathic medicine and nutraceuticals, developed Breathe Easy to increase the body's natural defenses to fight colds and the flu during the winter season.

Breathe Easy, available in sachets, contains 14 plant ingredients and promotes the body's natural immune defenses and an overall healthy respiratory system. It helps maintain a healthy nose, throat and respiratory tract. 

Its ingredients include the Noni Plant, Red Poppy, Plantain, Grindelia, Propolis, Sundew, Licorice, Everlasting and Mallow. Recent studies have shown that Noni Plant promotes a strong immune system.

"Eating healthy is the key to good health, but in today's society it is getting more difficult to do that with all of the processed foods on the market. Sometimes, minor health concerns can be the signs of an unbalanced diet," Pizzoccaro said. "However, the nutrients in our supplements help you keep a healthy lifestyle."

A leading global company in biological medicine, Guna Nutraceuticals only use top-quality, carefully selected botanical ingredients that are GMO. The company was founded on decades of experience with natural medicines by refining formulas with advanced nutrient profiles to maintain general health and ensure proper nutrient supplementation. Guna Nutraceuticals has more than 70 products listed with the FDA. Each product is made using the highest quality standards, including GMP certification and FDA compliance.

"Breathe Easy can help you avoid medicines for colds and flu symptoms," Pizzoccaro said.  "Our products, such as Breathe Easy, help keep minor health problems from becoming major illnesses."

Other Guna Nutraceutical products that are supported by clinical evidence include is Gut Support, Optimal Iron, Integral Probiotics, Proper pH Balance, Brain Booster, and Omega Source.

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