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Creative Biolabs Launched Anti-idiotypic Antibody for Antibody Drug Studies

Nov. 23, 2018, Creative Biolabs, as a world-leading supplier and manufacturer in recombinant antibody (rAb) discovery, has served customers in academia and industry fields with high-quality services and products. Recently, Creative Biolabs announced the anti-idiotypic antibody for pre-clinical study of therapeutic antibody and vaccine development. Our anti-idiotypic antibody is suitable for a variety of applications, including pharmacokinetic study, immunogenicity study and neutralizing antibody study. Since its announcement, it has been served more than 100 clients all over the world and more and more popular among antibody production fields.


What is anti-idiotypic antibody?

Antibody is a kind of recognition proteins which are mainly found in the serum and other bodily fluids of vertebrates that react specifically with the antigens that induced their formation. Anti-idiotypic antibody is the antibody which is directed against the paratope of other Ab. It is well-known that there are three main types of detection based anti-ID antibodies. The first is an antigen which is blocking anti-ID antibody, the second is named as non blocking because the antibody drug’s paratope and idiotope do not overlap, the third one is a complex specific anti-ID which cannot bind to the antibody drug unless the drug is already bound to its antigen.


“in order to meet different demands from our clients, Creative Biolabs developed anti-idiotypic antibody for assisting researchers’ projects. Our anti-idiotypic antibody is qualified to be a efficient tool for pharmacokinetic assays. For a majority of anti-ID antibodies are generated against a specific antibody drug, they are widely playing a significant role in preclinical practices for pharmacokinetic analysis which is the mainly used to study drug metabolism throughout the body. In addition to the pharmacokinetic assays, anti-idiotypic antibody from Creative Biolabs is also a remarkable tool in immunogenicity assays. As for immunogenicity assays, polyclonal anti-IDs are widely applied. It is well-known that the immunogenicity is the ability of therapeutic to induce a humoral and cell-mediated immune response leading to development of anti-drug-antibodies. It plays a very crucial role in analyzing the immunogenicity of a new antibody drug during preclinical analysis. Of course, anti-idiotypic antibody is also useful in vaccine development.” said Dr. Briet, a senior scientist in R&D of Creative Biolabs.


“why is our anti-idiotypic antibody getting more and more popular and widely used by researchers from all over the world. Firstly, it is an ideal tool for pre-clinical research and antibody drug development studies. Secondly, our anti-idiotypic antibody allows researchers to monitor the therapeutic Abs in samples. Thirdly, it allows detection of Ab biotherapeutics that closely resemble circulating human Ig.”added Dr. Breit.


With advanced technology platform, Creative Biolabs is able to offer a full range of anti-ID antibody products with high quality. In order to meet different demands, the custom service of anti-ID antibody is also available.


About Creative Biolabs

With more than ten-year experience in providing antibody products, Creative Biolabs is committed to serve more researchers all over the world. Our services and products are through repeated retrial and error in order to guarantee their quality. Customers can use with confidence.

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Last Updated: 25-Nov-2018