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Zen Master DeRu Drew an Audience from Nationwide and Overseas for His Speech on 'Zen Consciousness and 21st-century Challenges' at Harvard University

Zen Master DeRu Drew an Audience from Nationwide and Overseas for His Speech on 'Zen Consciousness and 21st-century Challenges' at Harvard University A Zen conscious traveler, Grandmaster DeRu gave a wide ranging speech with attention to Zen Consciousness in health-wellness and education, and how it relates to global issues and human beings' daily lives on Oct. 25th, 2018 at Harvard University's Science Center Hall A as part of Harvard's Worldwide Week.

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ATLANTA, Nov. 26, 2018

ATLANTA, Nov. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The speech was attended by an audience of college students, professors, researchers and forward thinkers, and technology professionals and CEOs ranging from Harvard and adjacent universities, and high school families in Cambridge and Boston areas to as far as China.

DeRu was joined on stage by Wang An Lin, the chief speaker, and Dr. Gao Ping, the chairman of Harvard An Ling Tai Chi, the Oriental Science and Culture Association, who gave an introduction prior to the master's speech along with Wang Kai Yuan, a Harvard Researcher and Sui Qiong Wu, president of the China-US CHAN Institute, who gave an introduction and commentary from the Chinese perspective.

DeRu, a 31st generation grandmaster of Shaolin Chan and Kung Fu and founder of Shaolin Chan Foundation and Global Zen Consciousness Alliance has been a Zen practitioner since he was a child. Despite this, he doesn't see himself as a monk but rather a "Zen Traveler." His speech concentrated on the philosophy and lifestyle of Zen, the Zen way of thinking and Zen way conducting business, and how to incorporate Zen into present daily life, but also branched off into the intersection of Zen and contemporary quantum mechanics (

As the purpose behind Harvard's World Wide Week connecting to Eastern wisdom to inspire solutions to future global problems, DeRu's speech demonstrated how Zen can help answer questions about global citizenship, global health, and the challenges facing education globally. Grandmaster DeRu's mission is to unify the interdisciplinary fields of consciousness research from contemporary quantum mechanics to ancient Eastern philosophies in an attempt to correct many of the world's most pressing challenges.

As DeRu explained: "It is that nothingness of oneness innerly connects us all together within that mother nature of superior intelligence with all possibilities and potentialities of that unified quantum field."

From his background in traditional Chinese Classics, medicine, natural healing, Buddhist philosophy, and Western medicine to his work with quantum physicists and medical doctors through the Global Zen Consciousness of Alliance, DeRu brings an interdisciplinary and global perspective to the challenges facing the next generation of world leaders.

DeRu went on to express the essence of daily Zen living: "Life in Zen is to live in high Plainfield of consciousness as we see through the infinite vision of potential in creating a new era of awakened humanity, a new era of health care and a total revolution of new vision of the world in generations to come." In that world, he said, " You don't have to stay in that boundaries; you don't have to stay in that limitations, you don't have to stay in that box; you don't have to stay in that system of conformity; you don't have to go through that process which limited expression of your potentiality. You don't have to go into that conformed society. If you free yourself from all that, you have that potential of inner intelligence unveiled. You are expressing that genius within."

The audience seemed enraptured by the Grandmaster's storytelling, which featured expanded high consciousness plainfield in creativity, healing through his personal experience, and stories from his youth as an orphan during China's Cultural Revolution mixed with anecdotes about his work with globally renowned scientists and doctors who presented cutting-edge research in quantum mechanics and epigenetics at the Global Zen Consciousness Conference he founded.

DeRu shared his version of Zen vision of infinity, seeing the potential of all possibilities in one's life along with Epigenetic research that explores how one's consciousness and lifestyle can determine the changes in human's DNA and the direction of one's life, which clearly indicates that humans can actually change their DNA behavior output through conscious decisions, which fundamentally challenges the concept of inherited disease.

His speech in many areas touched the urgent topics of today's mainstream education, especially on children's potentiality and self-natured intelligence: "how can we help and free our children from our old thoughts and obsolete tradition? Only when we break from fear, break from caged tradition, break from old theories, break from beliefs of genetics determination, can we assist ourselves and our children to unveil their inner intelligence." He urged the audience to change the old way of thinking.

He firmly believes that all beings are one inner-connected with diversity of forms; he also sees that all human-beings have that special of self-natured inner intelligence to be able to imagine and beyond with high consciousness. "It does not matter what kind of society or social system; it does not matter what kind of group you are in or work with, you make who you are and what you are." He stressed the point that one takes full responsibility for one's own life fulfillment.

Many members of the audience compelled the Grandmaster to demonstrate Zen Tai Gong, a form of sitting, standing and moving meditation that DeRu has developed over the last 30 years, which incorporates Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Zen meditation, internal Kung Fu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western exercise physiology. That demonstration along with his speech led many in the audience to book classes at DeRu's school in Atlanta. A publicist in the audience even tried to sign the Grandmaster up as a client in order to promote Zen Tai Gong around the country and worldwide.


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