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Paradigm4 Launches Precision Medicine Platform for UK Biobank Data And Announces Industry-leading Adopters

The UK Biobank is a groundbreaking international health resource with more than 1.5 petabytes of data planned for collection and analysis: medical records, genomic data, imaging, and measurements donated by 500,000 UK citizens.

Paradigm4’s newly launched REVEAL™ Translational Informatics Platform with its PheGe™ Browser enables bioinformaticians and scientists to readily work with the scale and diversity of public and proprietary multi-omics, behavioral, clinical, health outcomes, and environmental data generated today. Built on Paradigm4’s scientific data computational engine for complex data analysis and machine learning, REVEAL™ accelerates integrative, multi-modal, longitudinal, population-scale data science exploration and discovery.

Alnylam, a global leader in RNAi therapeutics, has selected Paradigm4 as its partner to exploit the power of the UK Biobank data. Paradigm4’s REVEAL™ and PheGe™ software will help Alnylam to identify patient cohorts based on medical records combined with advanced phenotype technologies such as imaging and wearables to uncover genetic and metabolic drivers of disease.

“The absolute scale and diversity of the data in the UK Biobank will drive transformational GWAS/PheWAS research,” said Paradigm4’s CEO Marilyn Matz. “Our aggressive timelines provide Alnylam—along with our other top biopharma customers—with best-in-class performance and services to rapidly mine this valuable data set.”

“The UK Biobank dataset redefines our view of Real World Evidence to support active clinical development projects where new insights into cohort selection for recruiting or stratifying patients are very valuable,” added Zachary Pitluk, Ph.D., V.P. of Life Sciences. “The UK Biobank data in REVEAL™ is a unique resource for in-silico trial simulations with its ease of data selection and support for optimizing machine learning parameters. Enabling customers with a truly private analytical environment offers a distinct advantage in a competitive market like drug development.”

About Paradigm4

Paradigm4, a scientific information solutions provider, advances scientific and engineering insights by enabling scientists and data scientists to take full advantage of the scale, resolution, and diversity of public and proprietary scientific data to accelerate their research. Leading Life Sciences, IoT, instrument, and research institutes use Paradigm4’s REVEAL™ discovery engine for collaborative, reproducible research. The company was founded by renowned database researcher, Turing Award laureate MIT Professor Michael Stonebraker.

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Last Updated: 27-Nov-2018