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Seniors Save With New Lower Denture Product That Is Doing What Professionals Said Couldn't Be Done

Seniors Save With New Lower Denture Product That Is Doing What Professionals Said Couldn't Be Done

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KALISPELL, Mont., Nov. 27, 2018

KALISPELL, Mont., Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Lower dentures have finally been stabilized! Stabil-Dent® Inc. has patented an acrylic stabilizer that attaches to lower dentures solving the age-old problem of a loose/unstable lower denture. These denture stabilizers are proven to be the greatest advancement in denture technology in over 65 years.


This breakthrough product offers a huge savings to seniors and those on fixed budgets, costing only $54.95. They stop the costly, endless trips to the dentist for denture adjustments, that never solve the problem. Additionally, messy and ineffective denture adhesives can be either eliminated or reduced significantly. Stabil-Dent® even offers the denture wearer an alternative to the very expensive and invasive surgical procedures of dental implants; at no risk and at a fraction of the cost. 

The theory behind the stabilizers is simple:  The acrylic stabilizers attach to the rear, tongue side of the lower denture; which enables the muscles at the back of the tongue to rest on the stabilizers. The downward pressure of those muscles in-turn stabilizes the denture. Simple and extremely effective.

"Users are experiencing improved speech, a secure denture and a lot more comfort and even better digestion" ~ Dr. Kandarian

Lower dentures have presented problems in looseness and functionality since people started wearing artificial teeth because lower dentures have no natural area to create suction to help hold them in. Although there have been countless attempts to rectify this problem with various inventions, techniques and educational programs, none have cured the problems, until now. Designed and developed by a Doctor of Medical Denturitry [D.D.M.]; Brent Kandarian, a denture specialist, with over 50 years of clinical-denture experience. The Stabil-Dent Lower Denture Stabilizer offers a unique solution to this problem that affects over 90 million Americans. 

This innovative product is available direct to the consumer in a do it yourself kit, at There is also the option to have the stabilizers installed professionally by Stabil-Dent through our mail in service. Plans to make the product available nationwide through dental offices that are Stabil-Dent Certified are currently underway. 

Stabil-Dent, Inc., a Montana corporation located in Kalispell, Montana was awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office for the stabilizers design, function and features. United States Patent:  #9,566,139. 

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