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Woman Creates Drug Free Patches to Relieve Motion Sickness for People and Pets

Woman Creates Drug Free Patches to Relieve Motion Sickness for People and Pets GoPatch now allows you to ditch the drugs for motion sickness along with the drowsiness, adventures await!

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 27, 2018

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- It all started when Nicole sat down at her kitchen table with duct tape and an idea to give motion sickness sufferers relief. Nicole has suffered her whole life from motion sickness, and has watched her loved ones struggle terribly too. But when she saw children green with misery while out on an ocean adventure, that's what sparked her idea. So with duct tape in hand, she sat down at her kitchen table and began to experiment.

Nicole Burdock, founder of GoPatch, is all about helping people. Drawing from a decade of studies in alternative medicine, namely Naturopathic medicine, Oriental medicine and acupuncture, Nicole has created a line of drug free relief patches that are free of side effects and are now available for you and your pets.

The patches are made with a patented formula of all-natural, homeopathic ingredients. They are listed with the FDA and made in the USA.

GoPatch Motion Sickness patches give relief from nausea and dizziness that occur from car sickness, air sickness, seasickness and even amusement park rides. They are safe for adults, children 4 years and older, and even dogs. Even if your symptoms have already set in, just apply the patch for fast and discreet relief.

"My family suffers from all types of motion sickness whether it be in the car, on airplanes or boats. We have used this product many times for myself, my husband and my young son and it's worked amazing every time! I love the fact that it is natural and safe for all of us and also so easy to use! Now we are able to travel and go on many adventures without worrying about getting motion sickness or nausea. Recently I recommended this product to a friend who is going through chemotherapy treatments. She found that is really helps her with the nausea and dizziness that are horrible side effects of the treatment. GoPatch is truly an incredible product! It is such relief to find a product that really works without any toxic chemicals. Thank you GoPatch!"

Victoria Mullinax – Verified Amazon Review

If you are interested in trying the first all-natural drug free homeopathic patch created to relieve motion sickness symptoms fast, order from the GoPatch website and use code lovegopatch20 to receive 20% off your entire order. They are so sure that you will love this patch that they offer a money back guarantee.

About GoPatch:
Nicole developed the formulations and filed the LLC in 2013. To date the company has developed two products, GoPatch Menstrual Cramps and GoPatch Motion Sickness, that also relieves nausea, hangovers, vertigo, and more. GoPatch has sold worldwide with great success. They are currently being sold in retail stores, on Amazon and their own website.

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